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We The Giants – The Next Big Thing

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We the Giants - Cover

Post indie rock is one genre that is creating waves in the current music scenario. One post indie rock band that is making a mark in the Northeast music scene is We The Giants. Although this band from Nagaland has been formed quite recently, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the most popular bands among the youth. Their debut single ‘Young Heart’ which released couple of months back has been getting likes from all over the country. Jadeed Hussain with the interview…

Q: What is Post indie rock genre?

A: Our genre can be categorized into two sub genres of rock music which include the influence of post rock and indie rock. Basically our music (the genre) is mainly based on rhythmic patterns or so to say the groove as one would describe it with an added airy ambient feel to it.

Q: What attracted you guys to this genre of music?

A: We like to believe, your music is the reflection of what your ears are feeding to your heart, all four of us listen to a wide variety of genres but there are some common genres towards which we are drawn like post rock and indie rock bands, like the Jezabels, Royalconcept, the 1975,Toe and so on. Guess it’s the feel, intensity, flow, rawness, the list goes on and on. All these elements help complete a song, that’s what inspires us and that’s what we try to deliver as well with our songs, on stage or in the studio.

Q: Who is your target audience?

A: Honestly we never thought about having a particular audience. We make sure that we make the right decisions in case of venues, gigs and the people we work with. So if everything is well planned, we get good audience and for the listeners at home, we’d like them to have an open mind to accept the kind of music we play. It does not matter what age or gender, music is for everyone.

Q: What are your songs about?

A: Our songs are mainly about arbitrary moments in life and the experience we have within this single lifespan. Here’s a little chorus our song ‘Young Heart’, maybe this will explain things more in depth…

‘We make mistakes now

We fail we try now

We live our life loud

Until we make it

Still we stand tall

Till the break of dawn

We cry it out loud

We’re just a young heart

We’re just a young heart’

Single - Young Heart by We the Giants

Q: Tell us about forming the band? Were your families supportive at the beginning?

A: It all started when we were all working in a studio for a project. A client in the studio found our chemistry to be very synchronized, that’s when we decided to form a band. And of course, Hornbill International Rock Contest was just around the corner at that moment which made us even more convinced to form a band. But we never neglected academics and pursued our studies before becoming full time musicians. One should know it’s  academic knowledge that really help mould us and make us wiser. Education is prior to anything awesome!

Our parents are really supportive, in fact they are the force behind the little that we achieved and by God’s grace, we are really blessed to have parents like ours.

Q: You have played in many places, where do you enjoy playing most? 

A: We did play at a number of shows in and out of Northeast. Based on our latest experiences, it has to be ‘UPSTAIRS’, a music lounge at Dimapur. It was the second time we played there and the vibe we get is just exceptional – the sound, venue, ambience and audience, it’s all so good! But we believe there is still so much more to experience and express, so we are still waiting for that moment to happen!

Q: What do you think about the music scene in Northeast?

A: In the Northeast, music scene is growing every day, the amount and level of talent we have in NE is just immense. The only problem we all face is not being able to make music a profession. The lack of platform, marketing skills, exposure and the level of PR, restricts us. But we do believe things are going to get better as we see many NE musicians doing excellent outside. They help us directly or indirectly by giving us ideas to achieve not only musically but also strategically.

Q: Is there an album in the near future?

A: We haven’t really decided on an album yet but we are planning on releasing an EP soon. We did release our debut single ‘Young Heart’ which we are still very excited about because of all the positive feedback we are getting, not to forget the negative too but it is all good!

Q: How has the journey been so far?

A: We The Giants is just a couple of months old but in this short span of time, the experience, exposure, support and response from people, friends and family has been overwhelming. We hope and pray that this will continue but we are nothing without our listeners, so if you are reading this we thank you so much for all your love and support – you guys are the core reason why we make music!

Listen to their music – http://www.reverbnation.com/wethegiants

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