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Metal Mayhem @ Guwahati

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Metal Mayhem at Ozone saw six bands come together on one stage for one big gig. Metal heads from all over Guwahati and neighboring cities were present to enjoy the fantastic show put together by Rock-a-Rolla. The bands that were performing had come together from various parts of the Northeast, including one from Kolkata. The lineup was strong and the show was entertaining and ‘rock’ solid in its complete sense. The different bands that participated in this gig were – Psybarite from Sivasagar, Mortar from Kolkata, Sycorax from Darjeeling, Cynical Project from Shillong, Plague Throat from Shillong and last but definitely not the least was Agnostic from Guwahati.




Psybarite from Sivsagar took their first steps in public appearance in this gig. A newly formed band of hardly six months, their genre is strong in grove and thrash metal. The band members consist of Mridu (lead guitarist), Rishav (bass), Sanchar (drums) and Pritam (vocals). They are currently working on their original tracks and are set to release their debut EP soon.

Mortar from Kolkata is a group of young, enthusiastic musicians who set their audiences swooning to their beats. Formed in 2012, they play old school and thrash metal. Presently they are working on their full length album and consolidating their lineup. Their current band members are – Samrat Doas (guitars, vocals), Soham Ghosh (guitars), Aniruddha Bera (bass) and Spandan Hira (drums).

Sycorax from Darjeeling seem to be doing everything right. They have performed all over the country.  A blend of death and thrash metal, their music also has traces of Nepali influence known as the Pavitra Gorkha metal. Their band members are – Trivinesh Bubea (vocals), Gautam Singh (guitar), Ravi Singh (bass), Ribesh Gurung (drums). Currently they are working on their new EP.

Cynical Project

Plague Throat

Cynical Project, a very promising upcoming rock band have been playing for four years now, and are mostly interested in death and technical metal.  They are currently recording their own originals which they promise is going to set the stage on fire. Their band members are Push (vocals), Steven (guitar), Lamphang (guitar), Danley (drums) and Don (bass)

Plague Throat are the oldest performing group in this lot. They specialize in death metal. Their new song, Dominant Breach is set to be released in a couple of weeks. Their band consists of Nangsan (guitar/vocals), Fai (bass/vocals) and Malice (drums).

Last on the list is Agnostic, from Guwahati. They are quite popular amongst the youth of the region. Their genre is old school death metal and they pledge by it. They are currently working on their next album and played a few songs in the gig as curtain raiser. The band members are Deep (vocals), David (guitar), Hemen (guitar), Nitu (bass) and Mitul (drums).


Performance 1

Metal Mayhem was a sure winner for capturing raw promising talent to the most established ones and getting them on one platform for one exciting evening.

Rubaina Wasi is a freelance writer based in Bangalore

Photos: Lawrence Khawzawl

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