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Klanjan, Rajikant and Shubhankar are regular high school students from Guwahati but what is not regular is that unlike other students, they have a band. Called LILT (Lame Idiots Like Them), the band’s sound is a great blend of RnB, pop and rap which is very rare in the local music scene. Their first single ‘You Are’ earned them quite a few fans and now they are raring to march ahead and pursue music professionally. Jadeed Hussain caught up with vocalist, Klanjan Borah, to find out more about the band.

What led to the formation of the band?

Klanjan: The band was formed by RJ (Rajikant) and me at first. We were best friends; in fact, we became best friends because of the mutual love for music. We had our school’s annual function where RJ and I were asked to compose a few tracks and sing in front of eminent Bollywood actor, Kirron Kher. We got good response from the audience and this gave us a boost to create a 3-piece acoustic band which included RJ, me and Anindita, a school friend. But Anindita had to eventually drop out of the band due to some personal problems but that didn’t stop the two of us.  Eventually we recorded our single “You Are”. One day when we were jamming, Subhankar was dropping beats in the synthesizer at RJ’s place. We didn’t really know each other back then but we were really impressed with him as he was a self taught percussionist and was really good at it. This is basically how the three of us got together.

Every musician has something to say through their music, what does LILT have to say? What are your songs about?

Klanjan: Initially we wrote songs which revolved around love. Our first single ‘You Are’ was a love song. And then our next single ‘All Over Again’ talked about not fighting with loved ones. And our new single titled ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’ which will be released soon is all about living live it to the fullest leaving no regrets.

What is the story behind lame and idiots?

Klanjan: Our band was named ‘LILT’ by RJ which meant a light springing rhythm or gait but when we were posting our band pics on Facebook, one of our friends came up with the idea that LILT must stand for Lame Idiots like Them and we realized we were actually lame and kind of idiotic too, (in a funny way though). So, this is the story behind ‘Lame Idiots like Them’ as it perfectly goes with our nature.

LILT (2)

So, you are coming up with a new single and music video ‘Work Hard Party Harder’, tell us a little about that. What can your fans expect from the album?

Klanjan: Yes, we are finally getting closer to releasing our music video. We are pretty excited since it is our first music video. We recorded our soundtrack in two days time and set off to Imphal to get our video made with BM Productions. Honestly, they are the best in the business. We recorded our track at the Lucid Recess Studios, Guwahati. What our fans can expect is a new-gen rock influenced pop/RnB song with a little bit of electronic elements. This track is little different from our other tracks. We hope our fans will like it.

LILT (6)

Fun with the Band: We ask the members a series of quick questions

Which do you love the most? Performing/Recording/Jamming

LILT: Jamming is the fun part. Staying over at your band mate’s place, doing crazy stuff, writing and composing new music is definitely what we love the most.

If you guys could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

LILT: Madisson Square Gardens!! That would be, a dream come true.

Which is the best thing about being a band besides making music? Fans/Shows/Fame

LILT: The best thing about being a band besides making music is the fans. That feeling when you know you’ve made a difference in a person’s life with the help of your music is magical.

One famous song that you guys wish you had written

LILT: Angie by the Rolling Stones. Perfectly crafted!

Apart from music, what else can you not live without?

LILT: Well RJ cannot live without sketching; Klanjan cannot live without good food and Subhankar cannot live without hot girls around (laughing)

If you could add a member to your band and it can be any musician from any band, from any part of the world, who would you guys choose to be part of the gang?

LILT: Bruno Mars! Now don’t ask why, because he’s perfect.

Photo Courtesy: LILT

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