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‘Gingerfeet’ based in Kolkata is one of the best Funk Alternative Rock bands in the country. One of the best things about this band is the fact they put on a killer performance which is why people eagerly look forward to their live acts. The line-up includes Abhishek Gurung (vocals), Dibya Raj Mukhia (guitars/backing vocals), Vedant Razz (lead guitars), Abhinandan Mukherjee (drums) and Lokes Mangar – (bass/backing vocals). Jadeed Hussain caught up with the band to learn more about their internationally acclaimed debut album ‘High and Above: The First Wave’ and their Northeast connect.

You guys started your journey from Hornbill Festival 2012 where you won. You also played in Dimapur before the release of your album; tell us more about your strong connect to the Northeast?

NE India has been always very special for us. Right from the start at the Hornbill to the pre album release tour; the experience playing back in Dimapur was awesome. The venue was top notch, the crowd was good and hospitality was amazing too. The best part about playing in the Northeast is that we instantly develop a bond with the audience right from the first count because people out there are well equipped with the knowledge of rock music. We have managed to play around 6 sold out gigs playing all originals and the crowd loved it. So we are happy and always pumped to include NE in our tour diary.

How was your band formed and why the name ‘Gingerfeet’?

We have been friends for a long time, just that we were part of different bands. It was sometime in the fall of 2012, when we decided on forming a band adhering to a genre that we craved since we started playing. We met in Gangtok, had a jam in our rehearsal studio in Kolkata and there was no shiz and jazz anymore, we simply decided to go for the kill. The thought process of the band suffused very well among all the members, the genre that we wanted clicked and Gingerfeet was formed as all original act.

Naming the band was very random under the influence of some good quality single malt, the hills of Gangtok and someone’s feet which resembled the namesake. (Laughs)

How would you describe your music? What do you write about?

Our sound majorly compliments alternative rock fused with a good dose of funk. We have also had a fair share of experimental funk in our first album in some of the songs but overall our songs are composed in a way which by default is very groovy and can make you feel good no matter what.

There are no dark elements in our song writing process and lyrics despite majority of our songs being on the heavier side with a dose of funk, probably that’s the most fun part. Certain songs have certain stories/themes like anti-racism, anti-war and oppression etc, and each story adds up to another and that’s how our debut record – ‘High and Above’ took shape. Through our first album, all our listeners got a vivid taste to what comes to us naturally when we do music.

Your live acts are said to be one of the best in the country, any secret to that?

Well, there’s no secret as such. We just try to have a lot of fun on stage and the thing we always do is that we make the audience a part of our set and that has always been key for a Gingerfeet concert, we make sure the audience goes home with a feeling that it was the best rock concert they have ever attended.

Your debut album ‘High and Above’ got positive reviews everywhere, now the fans have high expectations from you, so what is in store for them next?

We will be starting with the pre production work for the next album from August, and will release a couple of new singles by October end. We have jammed on some songs so we are certain that the fans are in for a treat. So expect some really heavy Ginger, this fall.

What do you think about the current music scenario for the independent artists?

The scenario is shaping up pretty well with the ascension of music festivals and live concerts suffusing throughout the country giving a lot of good independent bands and artists an opportunity to get themselves heard on a bigger stage. NH7 Weekender Festival has been one such festival keeping the rock festival theme in India alive after the likes of The Great Indian Rock Festival, Independence Rock Festival and Rock in India Festival. So, it is so far so good.

Exclusively for Fans

Tell one thing about all the band members that are hidden from the fans.

Certain things are best kept unsaid. So let’s pretend we didn’t see this question. (Laughs)

Who is the prankster of the group?

Our bass man – Lokes Mangar. Hands down!

Who is the foodie of the group and which is your favourite Northeastern food item?

All of us are big time foodies. And we all have favourites ranging from Chicken Shaptas, Tea, Momos, Taipos and Thukpas.

Link of their Hornbill Festival performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFpJtruU8sE

 Photo Courtesy: Gingerfeet

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