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Avancer from Nagaland kicked off the year with a great start, their new single ‘Take Me Away’ recently released on Indihut has been widely appreciated by music lovers across the region and beyond. To no one’s surprise, it has become the fastest downloaded single of the year. We got talking with the band about what else they have planned for 2015.

The band formed in 2009 and you have come a long way since then, tell us a little about the journey and the lessons learnt along the way.

Well, it has been an amazing journey for us. Back then when we formed the band, we were just some kids trying to win a church contest and who would have known that we would come this far. But winning the contest completely changed us. We wanted to learn and explore more. So, we started writing our own songs and people began to recognise us. And yes!!  There were hard times but all those experiences taught us a lesson that nothing comes for free, you have to grab every opportunity and do what you got to do and it made us stronger. We believe it’s the dream of every musician to make it big and we share the same dream and that keeps us going and encourages us to work harder. We have all made sacrifices since the day we chose this career but we have no regrets because we have faith that we will one day achieve our goal. So, the journey goes on and everyday is a great experience for us. Cheers!!

Describe your music, what are some of the major influences?

Well, we are a pop/indie/rock band. Some of the bands that have had an influence are Coldplay, The killers, Dream Theater, Annihilator etc. The list just goes on.

What are some of the things that you write about? What is the song-writing process like?

We try to write songs about our wishes and dreams; we do write love songs too. Most of our songs are about having fun and having a great time. Well, usually the vocalist writes all the songs and the band arranges the music together.

You recently released a new single ‘Take Me Away’, tell us more about the song and how has the response been so far?

‘Take Me away’ is about our wishes and dreams. We decided to give our fans something new, something fresh, something which we have never done before and to our surprise the response was really amazing. We released the song at www.indihut.com  for free and it was a success. It was the fastest downloaded single of the year.

What plans for 2015?

We have plans to hit the studio soon and come up with a new song called ‘Tonight and Always’ and plan to work on a new video. We also have plans to work on our first “EP”. We are hoping and praying that 2015 is a wonderful and a successful year for the band.

Take Me Away

‘Take Me Away’ – Review

Avancer’s new track ‘Take Me Away’ is a happy, foot-tapping number. Peppy with soulful lyrics, it is a song that will surely make your day. There is also a line which goes, ‘Lord, give me your wisdom and strength’ giving it a gospel touch and positive feel. Guitars are spot-on but synths could have been better. Also at times, you do feel the need for some more lyrics but with the smooth and soothing vocals this track holds its own and is a must listen for soft-rock fans.

Listen: http://indihut.com/avancer/

Review by Jadeed Hussain

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