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Guwahati’s Very Own Lady Midday

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We have all heard of the urban legend of ‘Lady Midday’, but the one we are talking about has nothing to do with the noon demon. Lady Midday is the name of a new band from Guwahati, made up of a group of talented musicians who are also friends. We caught up with the band to know about their unique band name, the history of their single ‘Hey You’ and their future plans to release an EP.

Tell us a little about the band and how you guys got together to form the band.

Our vocalist, Himon, who also sings for Jupiter Island and our drummer, Boris, always talked about making music together. Somehow the idea came to life when we were joined by our close friend Hirak on guitars and started writing new materials. Riaz who was playing with another band at that time with Boris also joined the band as the second guitarist. Our need of a bassist ended with Adnan, who was playing with Virgin Creep at the time. This is how Lady Midday was born.

Why did you name the band ‘Lady Midday’ who is commonly known as a noon demon according to Slavic mythology.

We all love Urban Legends don’t we? (laughs) The name was something which was decided in the heat of the moment. Boris came up with the name Lady Midday and thought it sounded weird and cool at the same time. The honest answer is that there’s no specific reason behind the name.

‘Hey You’ your debut single is out now, how has the response been? How long have you been working on this single?

The response has been quite overwhelming. As a band/artist, you leave yourself quite vulnerable when sharing your original work for the world to judge, so to get such a positive and heartfelt response has been quite overwhelming.

‘Hey You’ was originally written by Himon way back when he was singing for D’Luzion. But for some reason, the song was never made. When we started writing new materials for LMD, Himon decided to write ‘Hey You’ once again with us and give a fresh spin to it. And, it worked. We get a huge cheer from the audience whenever we play it live.

Live music scene is growing in the Northeast, are we going to see you in more gigs soon?

Yes of course! We are active now and are looking forward to do as many shows as we can. We made our hometown debut at Rock Rising (Pre-Promo Metropolis 2015) on January where we were adjudged as the 1st Runner up along with the tag of Best Vocalist.

What’s next for ‘Lady Midday’?

As of now we are writing new music and are planning to take part in various competitions across the Northeast over the next couple of months. And if everything goes as planned, we will hopefully come up with an EP by next year.

Listen – https://soundcloud.com/ladymiddayofficial

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