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Same Sky

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Takar Nabam tells us more about his upcoming album ‘Same Sky’ and how it came together.

Tell us about your upcoming album ‘Same Sky’, how many songs will it have?

‘Same Sky’ was a song that I had written in the latter half of 2013. I, often, found myself writing down thoughts, while I was travelling and enjoying my solitude, but I never pursued song writing that seriously, until early 2015. At last, I decided to add music to the thoughts that I had penned down. These thoughts, which are songs now, cover some of the most significant developments, in my life, over the last decade, which means that these songs were written at different phases. The thing that, I felt strongly, was common to all these songs was the sky that I was under. The album will have 7 tracks, out of which 4 have been written this year itself.

How has the response been for ‘You’?

The response has been quite decent, so far, and I’m happy that people found the song relatable.

Tell us about the lyric video for ‘Hello’ that you recently released. Why a lyric video?

I think lyric video is a great way to get anyone into a singing space. I’ve seen my friends and family members checking out lyric videos of songs they like, so I gave it a shot. I’d like to thank Keik, Apoorva and Latika for the amazing job that they have done!

Tell us more about the official video of the same song and what fans can expect

The official music video was shot around the mid September and by the time it is released, some people would have already heard the song hopefully. Unlike the first video of ‘You’, which only has me in the video, this video has three new characters who have danced and acted really well. Happy to have worked with them! It’s going to be a treat to the eyes, I hope!

Upcoming gigs/future plans

I recently performed live at Ziro Festival of Music. This time I was backed with an amazing band, which comprised of Abhinav Khokhar (Bass/Backing vocals), Aveleon Vaz (Drums), Dhruv Bhola (Guitars/Backing Vocals) and yours truly on the vocals and acoustic guitar. This was our debut performance, together, as a band and I hope that we get to play some more festivals and venues in the coming months. As for now, I’ll be pitching for more shows at festivals and venues, before and after the release of the album.


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