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The Vemodalen Minstrels

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Baidurjya Bhuyan and Nishant Changkakoti, two Assamese youth studying in Bangalore have started a two piece studio project called ‘The Vemodalen Minstrels’. They released their single ‘There’s Daggers in Men’s Smile’ recently. VNe chats with them to know more about their music.

Tell us more about ‘The Vemodalen Minstrels’

We mostly focus on experimenting with whatever sound comes our way and then progress or discard according to the feel. The formation of this project was actually quite unpredictable. I mean, both of us used to jam but we never actually thought of forming something with an official name and identity to it. This project is actually the brainchild of our friend John who came up to us and asked us to make a theme song for a Shakespearean play that he was directing.

How did the two of you meet?

Before I came to Bangalore, I and my friend Harshit, who is a good guitarist, were planning to put together a collaboration of different musicians from different bands. For that our first choice for a drummer was ‘Nishant Changkakoti’, we knew he had great drumming skills, we had heard him play with his previous band ‘Winter Asylum.’ But we couldn’t make him as a part of our project in Guwahati, but as luck would have it, I met him at my classroom in Bangalore. And that’s how ‘The Vemodalen Minstrels’ came to be.

‘There’s Daggers in Men’s Smile’ what is the song about? Isn’t it a bit too dark?

The song is a tribute to the Shakespearean classic ‘Macbeth’ and thus the title ‘There’s Daggers in Men’s Smiles.’ Well, as for the feel of the song being dark or not, we wouldn’t know what to say. As mentioned before, we focus on experimenting with whatever sound comes our way and then progress or discard according to the feel. When we were composing the song, we kind of liked how the feel of the song was developing and so we went ahead with it.

Are you guys working on more singles?

Yeah, we are working on new stuff and jam whenever we get the time.

Are you planning to perform here in Guwahati?

Maybe in the near future, given the opportunity to showcase our work, we would love to play in Guwahati. From whatever we have experienced regarding gigs supporting the local scene, the Guwahati crowd is much more enthusiastic and supportive to its local artists than Bangalore is.

Listen: https://m.soundcloud.com/the-vemodalen-minstrels/theres-daggers-in-mens-smile

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