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The Colourful and Melodious Keys

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Kehodi Yoho, Kehepe Letro, Neikuo Khezhie and Kenei Mepfhiio from Nagaland have formed a unique classical crossover band that everybody is raving about.

Tell us a little about how the band came together

Colored Keys is a male band of four individuals with distinctive musical talents from Dimapur, Nagaland. Before we formed the band, the members were all associated with different bands and groups. It was the similarities in our taste and style of music that eventually brought us together.

How would you describe your sound?

Classical crossover! Cross over is a term applied to musical works or performers who combine two or more musical tastes or genres.

Tell us about your debut single ‘Always Love You’, and how has the response been?

‘Always Love You’ was originally written and composed by Neikuo Khezhie. The band was practising to sing at a wedding, that’s when he made us hear the song and it was from that very moment we started adding parts to it. The following week we were able to arrange the song in our own style. We recorded the song after few months of work at Cleff Ensemble Kohima.

Our production houses are still very small and unlike the outside industry we are yet to have proper Artist Management and record labels but against all odds we have managed to get support from music lovers in the region. We have got very good reviews from both musicians and non musicians. We also appreciate the constructive criticism. Both motivates us to work harder and better.

What do you think sets your apart from other artists and bands in the Northeast?

Our style of music… It’s a generation where most people are into techno music but we want to keep doing what we love doing. Media can do all the promotions and advertisements to make an artist popular but at the end of the day we will only listen to what we love and connect to.

What’s next? Any plans for an album?

We are working on more originals and covers as well. We also have plans for an album.

Coloured Keys Dimapur Members

Did You Know?

Kehodi grew up in a close knitted musician family. He is witty, jovial and believes that humbleness brings success in life.

Apart from singing, Kenei also plays the keyboard and drums. He is considered as one of the best tenors in the state by many singers. He runs his family business and is a full time businessman by profession.

A singer, violinist and music instructor by profession, Kehepe loves to devote his time composing music. He also looks after his local church choir and is a specialist in song arrangement.

Neikuo is the most versatile among the four; he comes from a rock music background. He later got himself trained in classical music and also in contemporary style of singing. He is a vocal coach by profession and loves writing and composing songs.

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  1. Colored Keys is the new talented star on the tree top. it brings cheer to those who have heard them belting out the most beautiful well harmonised tunes backed up by rich warm tones. CK will go a long way provided they keep making music even in the face of hardships. not only their music is a hit but the people making the beautiful melodies are equally amazing and good to be with. little children usually look up to elders for inspiration and therefore, what other good can you do other than bring CK music into the lives of talented children? all glory to God alone and may the band prosper. keep inspiring the new generation with your fusion of modern and authentic deep rooted genres.

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