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7 New Bands to Watch

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We take a look at some talented up-and-coming bands that deserve your attention…


EROS: Also known as the Enchanted Roses, this young girl band from Churchandpur in Manipur have been getting a lot of eyeballs because of their energetic live performances. MC, Fraggy, Teddy and Dolly had humble beginnings, it may be hard to believe but when they started out, they didn’t even own musical instruments. They come from a remote area where protests are a regular fixture because of which schools and colleges are often closed, but they have been able to stick together and make music even when their surroundings have not been particularly motivating.


Bobolink: Laima and Pritam are the dynamic duo behind this funk-rock band. They started their journey in Guwahati where they released two singles before moving to the city of dreams – Mumbai. Their singles ‘Daydreamer’ and ‘Red Blue Green Yellow’ went down well with fans and new listeners alike. Presently, they are busy recording and working on their much awaited debut album which they plan to release soon.

Colored Keys

Colored Keys: Kehodi Yoho, Kehepe Letro, Neikuo Khezhie and Kenei Mepfhiio were all associated with different bands but their similar musical styles eventually brought them together to form Coloured Keys in November 2014. Their sound is classical crossover where they have combined two or more genres to make a fresh sound that is unique and their own. The most promising thing about this group is the amazing vocal dynamics that never cease to delight the listener.


Ambush: Hailing from Diphu of Assam, this is one of the few small town bands based in Assam. The members are Risim Rongpi, Amarjeet Bey, Jitu Tokbi  and Sarmon Teron. Protest lyrics and metal rap gives an edge to their sound. Their songs are always about issues that affect them and the society they live in. Their first single ‘Bleeding Anglong’ is very touching and makes people aware of the daily struggles of people living in the region. Their second single ‘9 MM’ was released last October which also shared the same protest theme. Their live performances usually pack a lot of energy which always gets the crowd to their feet.


Koloma: Koloma is a Tripuri folk fusion band featuring Rumio Debbarma, Bhaskar J Debbarma, Ronel Debbarma, Kiyok Debbarma, Shimul Debbarma and Amir Jamatia. Managed by Naren Jamatia, their music is inspired by the folk music of Tripura mixed with elements from other genres like blues, jazz, country etc. Their compositions are mostly about contemporary life, romance and inspiration. Their debut album ‘MWRWI MWRWI’ has become very popular with music lovers in the region.

Rigid collision

Rigid Collision: This is a hard rock/metal band from Senapati in Manipur with five members – Khosole Kyapaomai, A K Ashiho Mao, Zhavei Vemai, Khasilou Kyapaomai and Kyapao Kyapaomai. Formed in 2012, their music has eclectic influences, from the sound of 80’s bands to melodic death metal of the present day. Their lyrics mainly focus on humanity and brotherhood. They have performed at many events and gigs across the region.

Press select

Press Select: An experimental progressive rock band from Guwahati, their USP is simple lyrics and melodic tracks that are a treat to the ears. Dhanjit, Bijoy, John, Kaustav, Mongsteng and Sandeep formed the band back in 2013 but they only released their debut music video ‘Make Believe’ last September. The band also won the Rock Rising at Metropolis Asia 2015. They have shown a lot of potential and if they continue making music that is catchy and relatable, we feel certain that they will go far.

By Jadeed Hussain

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