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Blue Wings, a band from Guwahati, is probably the only band in the Northeast that makes music in three different languages – Hindi, English and Assamese. The band comprises of NJ (vocalist), Neel and Nishant (guitarists), Bina (bass) and Joy (drums). We speak to the band about their music and the reason why they want to make music in different languages.

Tell us a little about the band

Blue Wings was formed way back in November 2011, it was intended to bring western alternative rock music into the mainstream music scene and for that we decided to compose our songs in three languages i.e. Hindi, English and Assamese to reach out to larger masses.

What is the song ‘Aji Ase Roi’ about?

The song ‘Aji Ase Roi’ is about the days of the past and lost memories. We all have some memories and days during our childhood with our friends and relatives that we will always cherish and somewhere deep down, we want to relive those moments.

Won’t it be difficult for listeners to relate to your songs as you sing in three different languages?

That’s a good question but we have never met people who seems to confused with the three languages; they do seem a little surprised but it is a good thing as it is easier for them to remember us as the band who can play in three languages. Moreover, we also love to see the reactions of the crowd when we play their choice of songs in different languages. We respect our listeners and they will always be our first priority.

What are you working on now?

We are working on our second album and also on the music video of ‘Aji Ase Roi’

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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