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Glimpse of Revolution

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Experimental metal may be a tricky genre to play but young and energetic band from Mizoram, Glimpse of Revolution, is not afraid to take the road less travelled. Comprised of Maximus, Dave, Benjamin, Hmachhuana, Lalnunpuia and Danny, this upcoming band recently released their first official music video ‘Lunacy’. During the initial days they were a metal core band but when Danny joined in, they transformed themselves into an experimental metal band and that is what sets them apart.

How was the experience of shooting your first music video?

We really had a great time shooting it as we never had done it before, and it was a really great learning experience. We wanted it to be different and have a kind of dark vibe to match the songwriting. The shooting was finished without any hassles. But, we did have some trouble in the audio department, so it got a bit delayed. It was planned to be released last year, but we could only release it early this year, still we are happy as it came out to be quite satisfactorily.

Mizoram witnessed its first music festival last year. Do you think more such events will come up in the coming years?

Definitely, even the first one was so awesome. We really hope there will be more huge events and development in the music department in the upcoming years.

What are your thoughts on the current metal music scene of the Northeast, especially Mizoram?

In Mizoram, the metal scene is slowly growing. Mosh pits, stage diving, circle pits etc are also starting to take place. But there are not that many venues and events where bands can earn money from performing here. All the events are cramped up towards the end of the year, and almost all the events are for charity. Some venues, sometimes, don’t even allow bands to perform metal music. It’s really a struggle, but the bands are still going strong as we are passionate about the music.

Your latest video has really raised the bar, so when will we get to see your next music video? Also, are you planning to release an EP or album?

We have currently started our recording sessions. Let’s hope that fans will get to hear a new album pretty soon, with some member changes about which we will update our fans on our Facebook page. There may be a new music video on the cards too, so stay tuned!

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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