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Deaf Punk by Street Stories

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According to Pezo, Riko and Matsram, their EP titled ‘Deaf Punk’ is their most mature work till date. The EP has a lot surprises for fans, from featured artists to synths, you will get to listen to a very different Street Stories this time. We hope the changes work in their favour as they have tried to experiment and that is a bold move for a young band like them.

Deaf Punk

What is ‘Deaf Punk’ about?

There was no particular theme in writing this EP, it was mostly random stuff about whatever we felt or thought about things in life, love etc. We have songs about finding belief and getting lost and trying to getting back kind of things and there are also relationship related songs in this EP. We went for the name Deaf Punk because this record has the most ‘un-punk’ songs we ever wrote both lyrically and sound wise, a lot of synths and keys were added to it by Daniel Langthasa from the band Digital Suicide. So sound wise, this EP is more pop-based.

How many songs does the EP have?

The EP consists of 5 songs; Find My Beliefs, Bedroom Horror, She Can, You and I and previously released Only Human.

Any surprises in store for the fans?

Apart from the pop synths and keys, we have Cherryian Bark of The Vinyl Records featured on one of our songs. This time we have also added our friend Apple’s voice in ‘Bedroom Horror’.

Will the songs be available online?

The songs will be available for free download online and the physical copies will also be available for sale online.

As told to Jadeed Hussain 

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