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Muno’s Rise

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Muno Shiu from Khiamniungan Naga tribe of Dimapur, Nagaland and a graduate of Tetso College has come out with a single ‘Rise and Walk’. A multi-tasker at heart, he experiments with genres like pop, soft rock and indie rock. He also plays the guitar, bass and drums. He believes that music can be a powerful medium to motivate and inspire youth to lead a better life.

What made you interested in music? When did you decide that you wanted to be in the music industry?     

During my high school days, while others were busy with their books, I used to spend most of my time drawing guitars and trying to write lyrics.  My initial stage of music is rooted in the inspiration my parents gave me. Soon, I started picking up chords and performing in church services and other programs. Winning a solo competition when I was young encouraged me to take part in bigger shows.

Like many other artists, it was a vague hope for me to be a part of this industry. I reached this point overcoming all the obstacles and hardships. I’m still growing and I believe that every experience that I face will build me into an artist.

How did ‘Rise and Walk’ happen? What is the song about?

One fine Sunday morning on my way to church I happened to stumble upon some youths who were indulging in wrong activities and wasting away their God-given talents. So at that moment, I thought, why not spread some good thoughts through my songs? Thus ‘Rise and Walk’ came to be; it’s a message largely for the youth to keep moving ahead in life in spite of all the hardships and troubles. The song says ‘look beyond the horizon, be brave and nothing will defeat, what stops you to fly above the sky?’ The message is from 1 Timothy 4:12.

Who is your inspiration?

For me, inspiration comes in many forms from different artists, bands and genres.  The 1975, Stryper, The Script and Nagaland’s very own ‘Incipit’ are some bands that inspire me.

Future plans?

After successfully releasing my debut single and seeing the response from supporters, I learned that music can make a good impact so hopefully I will be bringing out a new song sooner. I feel, ‘Nothing is too hard and far away when you believe that you can.’

I would like to thank INDIHUT and Vibes Northeast for featuring me.

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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  1. You are the child of God and one of his own image among the all creation. So let other see jesus in you through songs. God bless you.

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