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DJ Knack

Shillong’s Very Own Party Starter

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Duncan also known as DJ Knack is no stranger to the party scene in Shillong. One of the most popular DJ’s in the Northeast, he has even played at the reputed ‘Blue Frog’ of Mumbai. The biggest event he played at was the New Year’s Eve of 2014 at Police Bazaar which had a crowd of almost 40,000.

Influenced by his dad who was a vocalist for a band, Duncan’s passion for music developed when he was in the 6th standard. He was initially interested in drumming; in fact many bands that he was associated then have become quite big in the current local circuit. With time however, his interest shifted to DJing and he learned the art through free softwares available at that time.

Duncan Shillong Gig

His first professional stint as a DJ was when he was studying in class 7. He performed for a college function. He fondly remembers, ‘Everyone was thinking that I had some heavy stuff with me for DJing but when I uncovered it, it was just my PC.’

For two years, he even lived in Delhi and played as part of an organisation at weddings and parties. But he didn’t want to continue there so he decided to come back home to make his kind of music. Now, he plays in and around Shillong. Of course, it didn’t take long for him to be recognized as a talented DJ because of his experience and ear for good music. Party lovers in Shillong love him and he also enjoys playing for them, ‘Oh! The crowd here is very diverse and most of them like a bit of everything – EDM, progressive house, hip-hop and trap.’

Duncan is not a music producer but a re-mixer; he mostly deals with live beats, acapella, progressive house but don’t be fooled into thinking that he only plays this kind of music. He knows how to keep the crowd on their feet and dabbles into various genres like hip-hop, trap etc. Duncan has also started managing bands because he wants to promote new and young local bands and give them a platform where they can showcase their talents.

Words: Jadeed Hussain 

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