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From Guwahati to Germany: DJ Neil is Going Places

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Nilotpal Patowary from Guwahati or DJ Neil as he is popularly known is taking Germany by storm with his unique mixes

Your name is quite interesting, is there any history?

My friends used to call me Neil and when I started my musical career. I got renamed DJ Neil but there were too many DJs with the same name. Fortunately, my girlfriend at that time was a German girl and she suggested me to change it to Neil Richter which sounded pretty cool. Richter is a typical surname in Germany.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Guwahati, India and I did my schooling there itself. My parents still live in Guwahati. I moved to Bangalore in 1997 where I did my bachelor in Business Management from Bangalore University.

When did your fascination with music start?

I was always a music freak from my childhood days. My dad used to give me five rupees everyday during school days  for lunch but I used to save that money and ended up buying a new cassette every Saturday. From an early age, I was drawn towards Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi and other greats of western music.

After moving to Bangalore, the first time I saw a live DJ, hip-hop, trance and house music. I was amazed by the genres I heard as I was unaware about their existence.  But, I was brave enough to go and ask the DJs about it.

Tell us about time when you played in India.

When I finished my graduation, I started working for an airline company but my heart and soul was in music. I quit my job and started assisting a DJ in a small pub named Night-watchman. I also worked as a resident DJ in a club named Insomnia in a 5 star hotel where I managed to grab the attention of some big DJs, clubbing audience and events guys. After that, I started playing in many clubs throughout Bangalore. I also did a few big gigs outside India in Nepal, Dubai and Sri Lanka. During that phase, I also became the 1st runner of War of DJs contest held by Times Music. That is when a lot of opportunities started coming my way.

When did you move to Germany and how were the first few days?

I moved to Germany in 2010, initially I had to struggle as nobody knew who I was.  I worked towards becoming more professional, hardworking, better with networking, learned German and produced my own music. It took time but I finally signed records with big labels from Hamburg in Germany; Audio Safari Records and Jungle Funk Records from Toronto, Canada which is owned by star DJ Jerome Robbins are two of the biggest names who signed me on.

What is your music about?

My musical style is simple; the music which makes me close my eyes and the music which makes me feel high is the best music. As a DJ, I do play a lot of deep house music, house music and a bit of techno and tech house. I do not prepare any set although I do my homework like I study the place where I am playing and what the crowd is like in that club or festival.

In the present world, there are thousands of DJs and producers; so, to stand out you have to work double hard , you have to bring out your production and you have to have a team who helps you with social networking, you also have to play one set as a DJ which people will remember fondly. The higher the quality of your music, the higher the chance of getting signed by a top records label. Once you get signed by a top notch record label and get a release, the whole world will listen to your music.

What is your priority right now, gigs or new releases?

Both are my top priorities. I love djing as it is my first love. I do not play the top 10 songs you know from different charts. I am someone who will play probably the song from 100th position or maybe not even in any chart or a remix. I would play something which is never officially released or a song which the crowd has never heard. As a producer, I am working with many artists and I will continue to release music with martin and this year probably  we will come out with around 10 to 14 new songs both  original and remixes.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Ten years is a long time to predict but I would really love to see myself still associated with music by some way or the other.

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/dj-neil

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/neilrichterdj/

Listen: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-feat.-nasila-ep/id1031084323

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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