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The High Crook

A Dog’s Tale by The High Crook

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Kolkata is home to many talented musicians and bands that have made their mark in the national and international music circuit. We got talking with an upcoming band from the city – The High Crook, a band with lots of promise that you should most definitely be listening to if you are a fan of rock and roll, to know more about their debut EP.

How did the three of you come together to form the band?

Well, the band initially was four piece, and we weren’t even close to being mellow or chill in the music. Then the drummer and the other guitarist of that set up decided to go on different paths, and then came in Adiya(drummer) and the trio was formed. Hailing from the same college, Anirban and Arjun found their complete sound with Aditya playing the right beats to their tunes, and then The High Crook happened in its truest form.

If you need to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

Roll and Rock!

What’s the story behind the name – The High Crook?

Well, it was an evening between two struggling stoners trying to come up with a band name, and lastly we found our solace in THC. And then from there we started thinking of ourselves, we were punks, the kids our parents warned us about, crooks in our own highly way, hence, came in The High Crook, the true being inside each one of us.

Tell us a little about your debut EP, and what are the songs about?

Dog's Tale THCA Dog’s Tale – However hard you try, a dog’s tail remains crooked. However popular mainstream music gets, however easy success becomes with pop, we will never stop rockin’ n rollin’. And yeah it’s a tale and not a tail because it’s a story about a kid, who has indulged in every vice possible through this city of joy, drugs, sex, rock ‘n’ roll, betrayals, cheating, success, failures. And all these emotions only a dog can juggle with his happily wagging crooked tail, without a change in his tale.

A Dog’s Tale comprises of 6 tracks. When we talk about a band’s ‘sound’, we tend to imagine a monotonous sort-of ‘sound’, but in case of The High Crook, there is a diversity of sound. Each of the six tracks is crafted in a mix of various styles of music, centred primarily on the bluesy/rock guitar work, solid but groovy bass and drum accompaniment, minimal but practical use of guitar effects, and down-to-earth vocals. The sound never loses itself towards technicality and instead tries to remain fresh and firmly grounded in simple musical principles.

What is the band’s favourite track from the EP?

Our favourite track would be ‘Disturbingly Nice’. One of the obvious reasons a listener would infer is that we three musicians have gone all out with our talents on this number, full on showing off of our skills which tend to assemble itself in one strong unit. That sure is also one of the reasons for us to like it, but another reason is that is the first song as a 3 piece unit of ours. The previous line up had a full set-list ready for an album recording and when that broke, everything was so disturbing, it was like we’ve hit rock bottom. But then while jamming one day this groove came up and made us believe that the three of us can do it and do it real good. We believed the ride would be extremely disturbing, but, nonetheless it would be ‘Disturbingly Nice’.

Anything you would like to say to your fans in the Northeast?

We love the love and openness people of Northeast have for western music. The ease with which they have accepted the love for blues, metal, jazz, rock, pop, electronica is impeccable and cherished by perhaps every musician from India. We would just love them to support and accept our music be it for criticising it or cherishing it, they should feel the beat we are grooving to, and it would mean a lot to us!

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  1. This is one of the best youth bands in this country. Period. Real groovy music, such bluesy solos and riffs. Very easy on the ears and very soothing to hear.

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