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Chasing Ghosts

Alobo Naga’s One Sided Love Story

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Alobo Naga is all set to release his new single ‘Chasing Ghosts’ on 2nd July and we can’t wait to hear it. VNe caught up with the talented musician right before the release to know more about the song which is interestingly based on his real life experiences.

What is ‘Chasing Ghosts’ about?

It’s a sad heartbroken song. Musically, it is an acoustic chill pop with a catchy hook line. A song that heartbroken guys will relate to.

What made you make a song out of it?

I love pouring out my feeling and emotions, so every time I am happy or sad, I try to pen it down, and later put melody and music to it.

Is the song from your own experiences?

Indeed, a very true tragic one sided love story of my life.

Tell us a little about featured artist ‘Moto’

Moto is a music-producer, composer and arranger specialized in pop music production. Originally, he is from Nagaland but lives in Germany. He has been working as a freelancer in the music production business for several years now. He has worked with and for artists from all over the world

Are you planning any video for the song?

Yes, after a few weeks. I am planning to release the lyric video first and then after a month, I will release the official music video.

How is your music school shaping up?

It is going smooth so far by the grace of God. It’s just been a week since the inauguration but even then we are getting decent response. Hoping and praying that it will pick up and help to bring revolution in the music industry especially in Northeast India.

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