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Kra-Ker-Jak: New Music Platform in Kohima

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People of Kohima will now be able to experience performances by budding Naga singers at Dream Café every Friday. Rattle and Hum Music Society recently launched a music platform named Kra-Ker-Jak at the café.

Six musicians namely Oren Mozhui, Mhaseve Tetseo, Moajungla Jamir, Vehiitolii, Keviphriinuo Khezhie and Mele Pucho jointly cut the ribbon. Rattle and Hum Music Society president Theja Meru said that Kra-Ker-Jak is all about celebrating greatness and excellence. Moajungla Jamir and folk singers from Ruzazho village (Phek district) performed at the launch event.

The platform is aimed to showcase the talent of local musicians and also facilitate the building of networks, be it artistic or commercial. Rattle and Hum Music Society seeks to educate artistes from the fields of art, music, dance, theatre and literature of their role in the formation of Culture/Counter-Culture.

Photo Courtesy: Morung Express

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