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Papersky from Nagaland

Papersky’s Lullaby

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One of the most promising bands to come out from Nagaland in the recent years, Papersky recently released their new single ‘Lullaby’. The band comprises Jongma H Ungh (vocal/guitar), Yanger (drums) and Augustine (bass guitar). Interestingly, the band name was given to them by ‘We The Giants’ vocalist Kevi Pucho. The grunge band shares that their new song is different from anything they have done earlier.

How did you guys form the band?

Actually we were friends first and band members later. We decided to get together and jam, one fine day. It was a fun day and there was good vibes all around. We just clicked well from day one itself. And that was the beginning of Papersky.

What is your music about?

Through our music, we talk about life, its ups and downs and the conditions that is prevailing in and around. There are some songs which focus on protesting while on the other hand, there are some songs which are a little laidback and talk about the normal walks of life.

Is ‘Lullaby’ different from your earlier work?

Yes, it is different. The song is grungy, powerful and there is a lot of over-driven guitar notes accompanied by a strong groove.

How long did you work on the song?

It was one of those jam kind of songs, where the guitar player brought in a riff and everything just fell into place. It did take about 2 days to completely arrange and polish the song and we started playing the song live from then on.

Any music videos in the pipeline?

At the moment, we are caught up between personal work and recordings. Hopefully, in the days to come, we can come together, talk about it and work on it.

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