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New EP by Polar Lights from Nagaland

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Polar Lights from Nagaland is a band that is always willing to experiment and they also enjoy making music. This has helped them win fans everywhere since their inception in 2013. They are fun and they are versatile and it all reflects in their EP ‘Talking To The Trees’.

Tell us more about Talking To The Trees.

‘Talking To The Trees’ is about life in general. In the EP, we talk about the way we see the world, as it is. Because it not always rainbows and butterflies from where we come from. You’ll find that we talk about love, hate, anger, hope etc in ‘TALKING TO THE TREES’. Eventually we managed to compile all the emotions we had into a 6 track EP

Upon release, the EP got positive reviews, were you certain that it would be a success?

We think no artist or band is ever really sure about success. When we began writing for the EP, we were super nervous and at the same time we were excited. Fortunately for us, when the EP came out, the response we got from our peers and fans were mostly positive. So yeah, we can’t complain.

 For how long did you work on the EP?

It probably took us about a year and a half.


Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics you guys like to sing about?

Our front man Mar Jamir usually writes the words to the songs and we figure the rest of the song out collectively as a band. Most of the songs we write are usually based on observation, and on the way the system works around us. And while doing so, we try to be as honest as we possibly can.

Has your music evolved since the formation of the band in 2013?

We’d like to think it has. Growth is an integral part of what we want to accomplish as a band, and you can clearly see our growth in the EP. We can honestly say that we are a much better band now sonically as compared to when we first started out.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polarlightsband/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polarlightsband


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