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Made in July Band

A Candid Conversation with Made in July

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As the name suggests, the upcoming band Made in July actually formed in the month of July this year. The band consists of Nuksung Jamir ( vocals/guitars), Wapang Jamir (bass/vocals) and Avizo (drums/synths). Nuksung recently finished his music studies from L’accademia D Musica – Delhi , Wapang is currently pursuing his MCom and Avizo is pursuing MBA.

It all started when Nuksung was invited to a gig by Aspirant, the former band of Avizo and Wapang. They had a chat and spoke at length about how they wanted to make a new band with a fresh new sound and that is how everything started falling into place. We speak to the members right after the release of their debut music video to know more –

How would you describe your sound?

Our genre is indie pop rock and we try to make music that is easy to listen to. We also focus a bit on the retro sound. We are still experimenting with different sounds but the base genre is indie pop rock.

How was the experience of shooting for your recent video ‘ Got A Bad Feeling’? How has the response been so far?

The video was shot on July 19. It was an exciting yet tiresome day because we had to complete the filming on that day itself as our drummer had to leave for Pune the very next day. We had the privilege of working with some fine people which really helped us stick to our deadlines.

The response has been good so far. We were actually surprised that we had crossed 1k views on the second day of the release.

What is your song-writing process like? What is ‘Got a Bad Feeling’ about?

Song writing is collectively done. When a member comes up with an idea, we share it amongst ourselves and we go forward putting in ideas from all.

‘Got a Bad Feeling’ is a song about a person’s life. It describes the continuous relationship of a man who falls in love with different women and how things get messed up. He eventually has a bad  feeling when it comes to falling in love all over again.

Any bands that you look up to?

By our sound, one can assume that we sound similar to the UK band 1975, which we are a big fan of. But we also follow many other pop artists. We also follow a couple of bands like Coldplay, Neon Tress, Atlas Genius, Paramore etc.

Plans for the future

As of now, we have a plan to release one more song this year and probably a music video as well. We are working on a few songs now and would like to complete an EP by spring of next year. Live shows are also on our to-do list.

As told to Meeta Borah

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