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Avancer from Nagaland

Avancer is Back With A Bang!

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After a brief hiatus, Avancer is making a comeback and are looking to make it big. The indie/pop band from Nagaland has hit the right chords with the listeners with their new single ‘Give It Up’ and soon they will also appear in a music video which will be released later this year. We chat with them about their comeback, their experience on working with ANTB’s Lima and their upcoming music video.

What is ‘Give It Up’ about?

The song is about moving on in life. It basically talks about a guy who fell in love with the wrong girl, the girl on realizing her mistakes tries to make up with the guy but the guy in turn has given up on her and tells her to do the same i.e. to move on

How has the response been?

The response has been great. There were a thousand or more downloads within the first 2 hours of the release of the song. Our fans have been real supportive whenever we release a single. There have been more positive comments and feedbacks as well.

For the song, you worked with Lima Mongro of Alobo Naga and The Band. How was the experience of working with him?

Lima is an exceptional guy. He has been helping us out since day one. He tours with us as well whenever he has an off day with ANTB. Working with him has really helped us mature and develop in our respective genres and our approach towards music. We owe him a lot specially for the song ‘Give It Up’. He is really a scientist when it comes to creativity with music. (laughs)

Why did Avancer go on a hiatus?

We took a brief break from the studio because of our own respective responsibilities at home. We all come from different backgrounds and as such we are engaged in our own contributions towards the society. Sometimes, we find it difficult to take out the time to come up with new material. But as of now, we have managed to set aside a certain amount of time towards recording sessions and we are hoping to release another single in November.

You are also busy with your new music video, share a little about that.

We released a video of our single ‘The Trip’ some years back and are currently working on another video of ‘Take Me Away’. Production and shooting haven’t started as of now. The video will be done by Adanj Productions, Bhopal here in Dimapur and Kohima. We are really excited as ‘Take Me Away’ have been an all time fan favourite since its release in 2014 and we are really looking forward to a fun time during the shoot.

Any release date finalized for the music video?

As of now, we cannot accurately when the video will be released. Like I have mentioned earlier that shooting will commence from Oct 17, we are not sure how long the shoot will take but we can probably hope for an early release before Christmas this year.

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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