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Wangyat Wangsu

New Artist Alert: Wangyat Wangsu

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Wangyat Wangsu is an artiste from Nagaland. This talented and humble musician rose to fame when he took part in Naga Orpheus Hunt. That was when people around him realized the talent that he was born with. He recently released a new single named Change. We got talking with Wangyat about his journey so far and plans for the future.

How old were you when you started singing? What is your favourite music memory from your childhood?

My passion for music and singing started at a very young age, during my school days. I sang at various churches and school events. My favourite memory would be when I was a small boy beating the drums in a worship team at my native church, trying to be a cool drummer boy back then.

How was your experience at Naga Orpheus Hunt?

My experience at Naga Orpheus Hunt, Nagaland’s foremost talent hunt, was superb. Initially, I was like a frog in a well but after I participated and completed my journey as one of the finalists, I became a better artiste. I met people from different parts of Nagaland with great talents and charisma. It gave me so much energy and determination to move forward enthusiastically.

Have you taken any lessons or are you a self-taught musician?

As a passionate music lover from early age, I learnt music from my friends, elders and mostly by myself. I never made it to any formal music classes or trainings, but I do make use of Goggle, YouTube, etc to learn music which clearly means that I am a self-taught musician.

What is your new song about? What inspired you to write it?

My newly released single entitled ‘Change’ is a simple song that I wrote two years back when living a teenage dream. I gave birth to the song with the feelings about miracles and changes that I wish to see and those beautiful places and things that remains unknown to the outside world.

What are your five current favourite songs?

Well, I listen to different genres and types of music, thus I have many songs in my list. But if I could rate 1 to 5 of my favourite songs then it would be –

1) Guns for hands (Twenty One Pilot)

2) Every rose has its thorn (Poison)

3) Like I used to (Rocket to the Moon)

4) Shut up and dance with me (Walk to the Moon)

5) Fix you (Coldplay)

Plans for the future?

Right now I am a college student pursuing my degree, and being a student, my studies is the most important priority. But for the future, I am planning to focus on music more than any other thing in this world as it strengthens my soul. So yes, I have a sheer determination to work in the music industry of Nagaland and even beyond.

As told to Meeta Borah

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