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Casio to Expand Line-up of CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Digital Pianos

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Casio Computer Co Ltd recently announced that it will release the GP-400BK, a new elegantly designed digital piano model in its CELVIANO Grand Hybrid line-up. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos combine the advantages of both digital and acoustic pianos while delivering the performance of a grand piano in tone, keyboard quality and playing comfort.

Casio previously released two pianos in this line-up in 2015 – the GP-500BP and GP-300BK. Both were equipped with its AiR (Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator) Grand Sound Source, which reproduces the same beautiful sound and rich reverberation as a grand piano, and keys made from spruce, a wood used in grand piano keyboards. These models also featured piano tones jointly developed with the piano maker C Bechstein.

The natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard has an action mechanism that faithfully simulates piano hammer movements, which have a significant impact on the playing response of a grand piano. These innovative hybrid pianos moved beyond the realm of the conventional digital piano, and gained a strong reputation among people who appreciate the nuanced sound and feel of a grand piano.

The new GP-400BK comes with the three historically popular grand piano sounds featured in the GP-500BP and GP-300BK, as well as the same reliable key response and supple playing comfort. New with the GP-400BK is the design, which boasts a curved rear panel and thicker side panels and legs to capture the bold and refined image one expects of a high-quality piano. The height from the keyboard to the music stand has also been made the same as a conventional grand piano. In addition, Casio used a black wood grain finish for the entire piano to give it a dignified look.

Main Features of the GP-400BK

  1. Thoroughly refined sound and reverberation reminiscent of a grand piano
  2. The AiR Grand Sound Source reproduces the same beautiful sound and rich reverberation as a grand piano.
  3. Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard enables even more delicate expression
  4. Grand Acoustic System generates a space of three-dimensional sound
  5. Scene feature enables pieces to be played with the optimal sound
  6. Concert Play offers an experience like playing with an orchestra
  7. Hall Simulator provides the experience of performing in a special venue such as a concert hall

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