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Hammarsing Kharhmar

Hammarsing Kharhmar’s New EP

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In 2003, Hammarsing Kharhmar left Shillong and headed to Boston. He eventually wound up in New York City playing his own music as Mon Khmer, but since 2008, he’s been wailing on his guitar and touring the world by Albert Hammond Jr’s side. But Hammarsing’s not just some axe for hire, he’s been working hard on a new solo project and as Exhibition—newly signed to Julian Casablancas’s Cult Records—he premiered his new guise to the world a couple weeks back.

The track ‘No One There’ from the EP features Casablancas on vocals, is a louche, gutsy cut, full of melancholic harmonies and snappy handclaps. The synths are on an epic 80s cinematic tip.

‘One of the best moments during the recording of the EP and quite possibly in my music career was when we tracked Julian’s vocals,’ says Hammarsing. ‘Watching him try out different ideas so casually, searching, exploring and then delivering with precision the idea and sound that was in his head was amazing. We became friends from playing soccer and I’m really happy at how our collaboration turned out. It felt like a series of natural passes that led to an awesome goal!’

Stream and download the EP from the label’s website

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