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Slamdozer: The Music, The Influences and Plans to Release an EP

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Slamdozer is a deathgrind band from Aizawl. They came to the limelight after coming in 2nd at the Mzu Rock Fest 2016. We speak to co-founder and vocalist Maximus to know more about the band and their plans of releasing an EP in the near future.

Tell us a little about the band and how it was formed.

Slamdozer was formed in late 2013 by members Zuala (former guitarist of  Decaying Assault) and me, Maximus (Vocalist of Glimpse Of Revolution). After we arranged our first original song called Ultra Genocide, we were in search of a drummer and a bassist. We found Masky (former drummer of Infernal Fields) who we performed with on our first gig. We performed without a bassist as we were still in search for one. After we composed another song, we found Bee Mac Vyper who is a Rock School (London) eighth grader. And so, Slamdozer was fully formed.

How would you describe your sound?

We take our influences from bands like Aborted, Benighted, Dying Fetus, etc. So basically, our genre is death-grind; with death metal and grindcore influences.

What are your songs about? What is your song-writing process like?

Well, our songs are always about sheer brutality. It’s all about death metal stuff, ranging from subjects like post-mortems to fictional stuff. Zuala makes some structures for a song from his home studio and we just come together to make the complete song.

You guys are working on an EP, tell us a little about that, how many songs will it have and what can fans expect?

To be honest, we’re still not sure. We’re still writing. We have 5 songs ready. Maybe, we will add 2-3 more songs.

How often and where do you guys jam?

We don’t really jam often these days. Since we are also focusing on the Glimpse Of Revolution full length album. Since me, Zuala and Bee are involved in the band. We often jam at Encore Studio, where Bee is an instructor.

Upcoming gigs?

We may join a tour with a well known band from our area in Central India. But it’s still not confirmed so, it’s still a secret and we cannot tell. We’ll update that on our bandpage!

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