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Andriana Mawlot

19-year-old Andriana from Shillong Hopes to Work With Adele Some Day

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‘I believe in the power of prayers and the saying “with God, all things are possible”’, says 19-year-old Andriana Mawlot. A talented artiste from Meghalaya, Andriana, also known as Andie, hopes  to someday work with the fifteen times Grammy winner, Adele.

Andie’s first studio recording session was at the age of 16. ‘It was a collaboration with two of my siblings. The song was composed by my brother and his friend Batis with the help of Augustine Kurbah. The song called, Shalyntem, was about being a light to the world.’

Andriana Mawlot However, her journey as a singer started long before. A kinsman to Andrew Mawlot, the first vocalist of the metal band Midnight Garden Factor, Andie started singing at the age of seven. ‘I belong to a family of musicians.’ That could be one of the reasons why she has made it this far without any professional vocal training. ‘My sister sings as well. We have collaborated in an unreleased original.’

When I ask her about her birth date, she grins with joy and says she turns 20, just two days after Adele’s birthday.  For her, sharing the same zodiac sign with her idol is a matter of celebration. ‘Her simplicity, self esteem, lyrics and her powerful voice; in fact everything about her inspires me.’

She has also learned lessons from Adele about how ‘your past does not always dictate but it also has the power to build your future.’

Andie has worked in Khasi films like Jeff and Papa as a playback singer. She has also lent her vocals along with her colleagues at the St Bosco Choir for the National award winning film, Onaatah. She shares that working under director/filmmaker Pradip Kurbah was an experience that she will always cherish. She has also worked on a jingle for St Anthony’s College, Shillong.

Although she admires extroverts and loves to make new friends, Andie calls herself an introvert who prefers to stay indoors rather than making plans on a nothing-to-do day.

In the past, there have been times when she wanted to give up but then she digs deep to find the motivation to carry on. ‘I think of the reason I started in the first place.’

She takes inspiration from bands like Summersalt and Soulmate as she strives to reach the pinnacle and make her parents and the country proud. However, her biggest inspiration is Academy award winner, Adele. ‘Her songs made me realize, as long as you believe in yourself, no one can bring you down.’

Here is a list of her top five Adele songs:

  • Make you feel my love
  • One and only
  • All I ask
  • Send my love
  • When we were young

She didn’t throw much light on her upcoming projects, ‘My future plans are as unpredictable as the future itself. Therefore my plans will unfold as the future unfolds itself.’ It is true that the future is unpredictable but there is no doubt that we are going to hear a lot more from Andie in the coming years.

Andie and all of us at Vibes Northeast will take these final words as an opportunity to wish Adele a very happy 29th birthday!

By Mrinal Paul

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  1. Very good. Congratulations!
    Look at YouTube of Celine Dion. More or less the same age they began to sing and train your voice.
    You ll be the Celine Dion of the Khasi Hills. God has given you a voice as a gift. Share this gift with the world.
    God bless you my daughter.
    Sr. Magdalene Synnah serving people in Africa, Tunisia

  2. Thank you so very much! Your words really do mean so much and I am highly motivated.
    I hope to be able to make everyone proud, ONE day.
    Please do keep me in prayers.
    Thank you again

  3. Andie, Your Voice has always succeeded in giving me the shivers and goosebumps. I’m a fan of yours Like seriously ever since we started being friends back then during schooldays. 4 years back I guess.
    I love every song you’ve sang and you really have a voice of an angel,truly melodious and beautiful.
    Well, May you achieve your goals and reach to what you have been destined for.
    God bless you abundantly and I hope more surprises to come from you.
    P. S-My Mom is also a fan of yours

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