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MOX Party Vol. 2

Gig Review: MOX Party Vol 2

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On 13th May, Mellow Mood Café, one of the popular hangout places in Shillong played host to MOX Party Vol. 2, a flagship of Movement Of Expression. Around 4:30 pm, Rupert and his men from R&N Sound came and finished the set up. There were not many people at the venue around that time since it was raining. Slowly and steadily people started walking in. Some were in their party attire whereas others were casually dressed.

The event was supposed to start at 5pm but it got delayed. People were still waiting to enter the venue as there was no more space inside. At 5:30 pm, Atom screamed on the microphone, ‘Can you all make some noise? We are about to get started.’ Unfortunately, just then the lights went out. For the next 30 minutes, a crowd of about 260 plus people who had come for the show patiently waited for the event to start. The organizers took a major risk by not keeping an option for a power back-up.

Finally, electricity came back at 6:30 pm and the Beat Box Cyphers began immediately. From EDM to Dubstep to Trap, they created sounds using their mouth and throat which was a perfect start to the show. It was followed by the B Boy Cyphers, who showcased their moves on the dance floor for around 12 minutes.

Then it was time for Shillong Unique Kicks or S.U.K. In their comeback show, they started off with an acoustic cover of ‘Dub FX – So Are You’. As soon as the beat of their popular song, ‘Shillong City’ dropped, the crowd turned exuberant.

Next up was slam poet, Anirudh ‘Eka’. Born in Hyderabad and raised in the United States, Anirudh began writing and performing spoken word (or slam poetry) eight years ago. He co-founded North Carolina’s first youth poetry organization and has had the honour to be a featured performer at several poetry establishments around the world, including most notably the original Bus Boys and Poets in Washington, DC. Another drawback of the event was that the party environment did not really compliment Eka’s caliber. Many considered it to be a break, and only a few were listening intently to his words. But at the end of his set, everyone had goose bumps.

Then it was time for Guwahati based Stunnah, he dropped his Atlanta influenced beats. Stunnah Beatz is a pioneering record producer of the Indian Hip Hop movement who has made a name in the beat making business worldwide. From his first drop, ‘MOX Anthem’ he got the crowd grooving. His set included all of his originals. One of the tracks also had vocals by him which is scheduled to be released soon.

The last act was Nasty Ninja, part and parcel of the award winning Hip Hop crew, Mumbai’s Finest. With a mix of acapella and witty punch lines, he gave a powerful performance. Any gaps during the event was filled by the beats and rhymes of the two emcees – Atom, frontman ‘Hear’ and Kabir of the ‘Prayer For My City’ fame.

From the turnout, it is evident that all the elements of the universal hip hop movement have a community of followers in this part of the world too. The party ended with the chants, ‘We want MORE! MORE! MORE!’.

Despite a delayed start and a few hiccups, the event did not disappoint its attendees. Everybody walked out of the venue content and satisfied.

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