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Casio PX-560M

Privia Pro PX-560M Digital Piano – A Stage Piano Unlike Any Other

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The PX-560M is the latest edition to Casio’s Privia Pro line. Featuring many of the sound design elements of the award winning PX-5S, the PX-560M adds new tones, user-programmable rhythms, built-in speakers, all centred around an amazing, easy-to-use 5.3′ Color Touch Interface.

The Keyboard

The moment you look at its striking blue case, you will know that it’s different. It boasts some of Casio’s most impressive sonic technology, in an easy-to-use instrument that sounds every bit as great as it looks. For the piano player who wants to explore and take their music to the next level, the PX-560M delivers a comprehensive set of features.

Casio PX-560MColor Touch Interface

Front and centre is Casio’s new Color Touch Interface. Its bright, 5.3′ display is clear and easy to read. You will find familiar graphics to help you select instruments and functions, which makes exploring the PX-560M fun and easy. You will be able to experiment with new ideas, new sounds, and new ways of creating music.

The Keys To Success

The PX-560M features Casio’s renowned Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, which accurately reproduces the touch and response of a concert grand piano, despite being lightweight. Like a real concert grand, the keys are heavier in the lower register, and lighter up top. Your fingertips will immediately feel the ebony and ivory textured keys, which not only feel more realistic, but also give your hands a good grip to help you play on point.

The Piano Sound

In the PX-560M, the all-important piano sound is as rewarding as the keys themselves. Casio’s Multi-Dimensional AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) Sound Source deliver some of the best piano sounds you have ever come across. Its Linear Morphing technology creates smooth transitions between the softer and louder sounds. Damper Resonance gives you the feel of the piano’s soundboard interacting with the strings. String Resonance models the harmonic relationships between vibrating strings. Hammer Response mimics the time between pressing the key and the hammer striking the strings. Key Off Simulation gives you control of a note’s decay by how quickly the key is released. And with a massive 256 notes of polyphony, you won’t have to worry about dropped notes. These specifications are impressive, certainly, but what’s most important is that they combine to form the perfect and complete experience of playing a 9-foot concert grand piano.

Sound Design

Under the hood, the PX-560M is not just a highly capable stage piano, but a full-fledged synthesizer. Unlike most other synths, exploring sound design is as easy as touching the display. The PX-560M features Casio’s Hex Layer technology, borrowed from the flagship Privia Pro PX-5S. This means you can create massive splits and layers, with four zones and a total of 14 layers at once.

What’s more, you can also edit these tones to sculpt them into something new. There are three real-time control knobs, as well as a modulation wheel, all of which can control up to two assignable parameters at once. With great-sounding filters, responsive envelopes, and extensive modulation, the PX-560M can be a sonic playground as well as a performance instrument.

The Stage

The PX-560M is designed for live performances, and to make you sound your best. You will be delighted at how lightweight it is (about 11.79 kg ), and how easily you can integrate it into your live setup. Its 1/4′ outputs and inputs give you great connectivity for PA systems and multi-keyboard rigs, and its dual pedal inputs can be configured to accept an expression pedal, damper pedal, or footswitches.

Homeward Bound

In addition to fitting just about any commercially-available keyboard stand, the PX-560M fits neatly in Casio’s optional CS-67P wooden stand; a stylish musical statement in any home. Add the optional SP-33 3-pedal unit to experience realistic soft, sostenuto, and damper pedals, fixed in place for an accurate piano performance. The built-in speaker system has more than enough power to entertain at home. If you connect your favourite music player to its 1/8 stereo audio input, it also becomes a high-quality music dock.

The Band

Going beyond the traditional definition of a stage piano, the PX-560M includes 550 Tones, covering a huge variety of musical instruments and genres. There are dynamic and expressive guitars, basses, strings, drums, and much more, enhanced by the powerful onboard DSP effects. The 220 onboard Rhythms allow multiple instruments to follow your playing, creating a backing band that plays in the style of your choice. In addition to exploring the built-in Rhythms, you can even assemble 30 customized User Rhythms by combining bass lines, drum beats, and other elements. You can also create 100 of your own Music Presets, which encompass a Rhythm, Tones, effects, and built-in chord progressions.

A Built-in Studio

When the muse speaks, you owe it to yourself to capture your idea. The PX-560M gives you two ways to make sure your work is preserved. There is a 17-track MIDI recorder with editing features, and a USB audio recorder that creates an audio file directly onto a USB stick. You can create the sounds you want to play, record and edit MIDI songs with them, then add external instruments via the audio inputs, and capture the whole mix to share with the world.

Tools For School

The PX-560M includes features that are especially beneficial for private lessons and music labs. Duet mode splits the keyboard into two equal pitch ranges, letting two people (i.e. teacher and student) play side by side on a single instrument. Classroom mode adds the ability to send each side to an individual audio output, making it compatible with the most popular third party piano lab systems. Two front panel-mounted headphone jacks also make the PX-560M great for lessons or practice.

Extra Advantages

Like all Privias, the PX-560M has a class-compliant USB port which connects to a PC, Mac, or iOS device with no drivers needed. Easily control your favourite music software, without any extra setup.

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