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Groove to the Tunes of DJ Sanju this Weekend

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Imagine playing your favourite tracks in front of a crowd of thousands and just when you set the mood, the mixer stops working. The angry and frustrated crowd starts throwing bottles at you. Sounds unreal but this incident actually happened to DJ/producer Sanju while playing at a college festival in Shillong. ‘That experience was priceless. Though I was very embarrassed, I learned how to handle bad situations.’

Born and raised in Shillong, Sanju always wanted to be in a band. At a party in 2009, he was fascinated by how a disc jockey can make people dance and groove. So, with the support from his younger sister, he kick-started his journey as a DJ and bought a console in 2013.

The musician inside him prompted him to produce music as he didn’t want to only play music by other artistes. In 2016, he started using a digital audio workstation and in three weeks, his first track, ‘Ripples’ was released. ‘It was a normal and amateur track. It took me three weeks to write, mix and master, which includes learning the DAW.’

A football fan, Sanju gets motivation from the criticism and support of his mother and sister. His friends in bands like Aberrant, Dossers Urge, Street Stories and Underside inspire him to explore new dimensions. ‘I study their work though I never tell them what I have learnt. I try to implement it into my work.’

Currently, he is spending more time with his DAW and has two tracks lined up for release. ‘I’m discovering amazing stuffs in my DAW every day, which makes me feel like a tiny dot in a vast ocean. My main focus is to learn as much as I can. Shows will definitely come and as a DJ, I would always love to play at them. But right now, I just want to invest more time on production.’ Working hard every single day has become his passion and at no point does he want to give that up.

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