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“You have to tinker and tinker a song over and over again. It not like immediately bana diya to accha hain.”

Stuck in the hinterlands of the music scenario in India, Ritwik De’s biggest crime has been opting to play music which is new and niche to Indian ears. But, they are too busy rawking out to plagiarised and mass-fed music. Introducing Ritwik De and ine of his many music projects.



MindFlew is an Indie/Alternate/Psychedelic Band from New Delhi started in 2005.

The band believes in making its own music and sticking to self compositions all the time.


Ritwik De (Lead Guitars and Vocals),

Tushar Yadav (Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals),

Hemant Chona (Bass Guitar)

Aashish Mandhwani (Acoustic Guitars)

Paul Schneiter (Drums)


It happened in 2005 in this new school I had joined. That is when I laid my hands on this very old Höbner electric guitar and met my future band-mates. When we started out, we weren’t focussing on self-comps and all that, we were doing mostly covers. Then one of the most wonderful things happened, I got dumped (he says that in the most matter-of-fact manner). At that age, you think it’s the end of the world (He was 15). The only way I could get that anger out was by playing the guitar. So, Mindflew emerged from the school band, The Angry Mob.

It was 2008 we played our proper set of gigs with complete original material, one of them with Menwhopause. It was interesting because Menwhopause have always played their own music. That gave us a huge motivation as we were new to the scene. Incidentally, current Menwhopause drummer Paul Schneiter has joined into Mindflew as well.

The whole coming-up-with-an-album talk has been on for two years now. Because I was producing this album in my home studio and we were doing original music, we thought of doing this the DIY way. Also, my production knowledge has grown too. Their debut album called The Happy Sad EP is out via Ghar Ka Records.

The turn-on

See, the glamour associated with a job is what deceives other people. I could say like, “Hey Hengul, you are a music journalist. You are making such a difference to the scenario there. You have such a cool job etc.” But then it is hard and only you see or face the difficulties. It is the same with me, people think I am really cool because I am doing music but it is hard, real hard man!

Mindflew and Tankbund are the two extremes of how I compose music

The thing is that I have listened to a lot of music, without any selection and I try incorporating as many inspirations as possible. I call Mindflew happy-sad music as there are sad Mindflew songs also. But in general they are happy songs. Tankbund on the other hand, is deep, dark and moody.

All three projects are polar in their own right. Mindflew is a psychedelic-guitar driven project. Zokova is an attempt at post-rock. Tankbund is ambient-electronic. They are pretty different from each other but then they are the extension of the way I am thinking.


About Ghar Ka Studio and Ghar Ka Record

I am very interested in creating a network of non-metal artistes, artistes that sound different and unique. The idea is to get an album out and start a nice way of distributing their music.


The studio is basically my bedroom. I have been messing around with Garage Band and Logic Pro for sometime now. I have been really interested in recording which is why I spend an awful amount of time just recording and figuring out new things and all that. It’s all self-taught.



















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