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ReCycle started its journey in November 2006. It is presumably a funk rock band. With accolades and recognition up its sleeves, ReCycle has come a long way to improve for the better.

As far as my layman knowledge takes me,  ‘So let’s talk a while’ starts with a strong bass line, uncannily reminding me of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, only to see no tattoos or shirtless men on stage this time. The drum and bass coordination keeps your head nodding while you work or unwind. The beats slow down towards the latter half of the song which again takes you along the groove relaxing your senses off the stress.

‘The White Noise’ witnesses the similar heavy RHCP influence from the beginning which is catchy but the use of guitars could have been way better. Personally, I would any day choose So let’s talk a while over the latter on my playlist. It failed to impress me.

Change however; found me in a perplexed situation. I found it to have a very clichéd structure of similar repetition; something like the pseudo-inspirational college orientation songs. Moving on, Tell me Why just like others starts with a heavy, catchy bass. Perfect as an alarm to wake your dreamy senses in the morning. No offence rock lovers!

ReCycle’s work with instruments is great, especially the drums. The bass is commendable. Vocals on the other hand is good but needs a lot of accent correction. There seems to be a lingering lisp all throughout. I could see some social relevance in the lyrics which is a major driving force for the audience, especially in Northeast. They, according to me, live up to their name in recycling music from an era of music gone by.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

-Rachna Baruah


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