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Whinge all you want- most of us act like noobz on the internet. None of us really want to acknowledge a different stance and almost each one of us wants to prove a point and “revolutionize” the social circus. I recently had the not-so-odd opportunity of being part of a similar thread. It all started with a harmless status update about my distaste for the new Killswitch Engage Single. Needless to say, a lot of my online acquaintances and friends readily jumped into diverse conclusions and it’s not hard to imagine how little respect people have for others’ opinions in this country. Food for thought:  What would art be bereft of criticism?

The Indian Independent scene has always had a special place for online hate-spilling and it’s more than heartening to find that we are persuasive enough to make ourselves heard. But I also like to look at it this way- these debates aren’t just about band-bashing or varied perspectives, tastes or preferences- it is in fact the reflection of an ‘abysmal’ inherent attitude- one that is the very core of independent music- standing up for what you think is right, no matter what the world tells you. And let’s face it; there can be no right and wrong in this regard, only a wide array of opinions.

Your hearts know in silence the secrets that your mind so desires to learn…And I’ve been assigned the job to put those thoughts into words. Fear me.


by Kaushik J Barua

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