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On the eve of Tankbund’s debut, Vibes Northeast caught up with band leader, Ritwik De, for a quick background run on Tankbund and its history.

“It started in October 2011. It was basically our liking for ambient music that got us together. I, along with Rohit Bhattacharya of Guillotine – we had been planning for a long time to sit, jam, and come up with some tracks. As you can notice, I am playing the keyboards in Tankbund whereas in the other projects, I play guitar. The set-up is like Subhadra is singing 2-3 songs, Radha is 2-3 songs along with the keys.

Cover artwork done by Khyati Trehan

So, we got to making ambient music with the vocals in the centre instead of the guitar or the keyboards. I was going through a bad phase personally, so the vibe of the early songs is very dark. Those are reflections of the bad phases. So, that is how Tankbund started: with a lot of sad songs and experimentation. Now, we have finished 10 songs.”

Tankbund are in the process of releasing their debut album tomorrow i.e. the 21st of June, 2013.

Listen to the teaser of Tankbund’s Limbo here

Tankbund Artwork by Radha Priya


Ritwik De (Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals, Production),

Rohit Bhattacharya ( Bass, Keyboards),

Radha Priya (Vocals, Keyboards, Flute),

Subhadra Kamath (Vocals), with,

Varun Gupta (Tabla and Percussions)


Links: www.facebook.com/pages/TankBund/137991612977106


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