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Preetom Boro has won the best keyboardist in the recently concluded Rolling Stone Metal Award. A hardworking guy, Preetom has amazed the audiences and the judges with his music and talent. He recently joined Aspirant and was a former member of the band Tick’s Talk.  He shared his few moments with us to tell how he feels  after  winning and what  plans he have for his future career.


* How do you feel after winning the best keyboardist award at Rolling Stone Metal Awards?

Preetom- Yes, it feels good to win at such a great event. I have got some motivation now; I want to do more hard work so that I can hone my skill even more. I have been playing for the past 5 years but there is more needed to better myself.

* You have worked with Tick’s Talk and now working with Aspirant, would you like to go for solo in future?

Preetom- Ticks Talk will reform again and I will rejoin it. And yes I want to go for a solo but for that I have to practice a lot. So I am making myself more prepared for future. I also like to sing so I want to move with singing also along with the key board. In the future, there is a strong possibility that I will go solo as well.


* Which musicians do you look up for inspiration?

Preetom-  No I want bring out my own creativity, I had to halt my music practicing in middle because of some problems but after that I have always tried to make my on creation. I don’t want any external source, I want it to be more internal.

* With Partha (your brother) recently becoming a part of Aspirant, do you want to consciously collaborate or open up a musical avenue featuring both the brothers in the future?

Preetom- Yes, we two always plan to stick together and try do stuff. He is making his own way and I am making my own way so may be in future if we can, we will come together. Plan is there to form a good band with good music, which is all that matters to me.


 (Interviewed by Salim Akhtar for Vibes Northeast)

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