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Saturday Nights have always attracted sizeable club-hoppers in pubs across the world and it was no different in Guwahati as International Dee Jay Anish Sood burnt the floors at Club DMD, one of the trendiest and upcoming night spots in the North East. Well known Dee Jay Poison Mr 909 warmed the crowd up with some amazing tracks mixing house/electro with some popular numbers. As young Guwahatians started filling up the empty spaces, it was turn for the main attraction of the night. Well known Dee Jay Anish Sood flew in all the way from Goa to perform in Guwahati for the first time. The beats got progressively louder and hairs were let loose, as the Dee Jay weaved his magic. Following is the interview with Dee Jay Anish Sood where he reflects on why he loves the north east and how it is emerging as a major destination for international performers.

Is this your first performance in Guwahati ? How do you feel here?

Yes! It is my first performance out here though I have visited Guwahati before. I did perform in Shillong couple of months back. This place looks nice. People out here are warm & passionate about music.

What genres do you usually play?

I focus on House and Electro-Techno. These are my areas of speciality. I prefer keeping away from bollywood tracks.

Few days back International rock band Hoobastank rocked Shillong. Do you think more and more international acts should also perform out here considering that the crowd out here usually prefers western music?

Absolutely! I heard Hoobastank was amazing. People out here are crazy about rock/metal and western forms of music which is excellent. However regulation is tight out here. You need to get a lot of licenses in order to organize a show of large scale and that is not possible for a person without connections.  I feel regulations should be slightly relaxed so that more concerts can be organized. International Dee Jays should come out here soon, considering the prevailing western musical culture out here.

Any international arenas where you have performed?

I performed at Amsterdam dance festival last year.  I am again going back for a Europe tour in October. I will perform in South East Asia next year. I plan to tour US and Canada too

Who is your favorite Dee Jay?

I love Disclosure. Swedish House Mafia was an inspiration. I don’t follow or worship any specific Dee Jay as such.

More and more Bollywood movies are copying songs from Hollywood or remixing old songs?  Do you think Bollywood has lost out in its originality?

Absolutely! Bollywood is losing out in its originality. I feel they should stick to conventional music. However you do have some good example of original conventional tracks such as Guru, Lagaan etc so not all Bollywood flicks are copying sound tracks. A lot also depends on the Music Director in question.
Given a chance, any particular song you want to show your magic by remixing?

Working on Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode. It’s an old English song. I just love it.
Personally you prefer Western or Bollywood Music?

I don’t prefer Bollywood tracks. I focus only on western house music. I have cultivated an image over the years as a House/Electro Dee Jay. I can’t let my fans down who come down to specifically hear house music. I believe in specializing on a specific genre.
How do you see the acceptance of house music in India vis  a vis bollywood/classical tracks? Ofcourse the youngsters love them but do you guys have other age groups in your mind while composing?

Not really. In India, people between the ages of 40 to 50 usually avoid house/electro music. We don’t really have a pub culture out here unlike some of our European and American counterparts. So it will take some time before house music finds acceptance in that age group out here.
Can brief us about the tracks you have composed? Any personal  favourite?

I recently composed a new track called Hello World’ which was released last week. I am also currently working with Ramona Arena (Ex MTV Vee Jay) on a project.

~ by Gaurav Dasgupta

Photo: Rupam Kalita

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