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“We  have modified our sound a bit while retaining the signature SOR template. It was call dictated by the changing times. Thereon the disagreements began which ultimately led to Vedant leaving the band,” says guitar player, Avi, of Shades of Retribution.

Shades of Retribution have deeply ingrained themselves into the mind of the Northeastern music scene. Fuelled by angst against the evils of mankind and the history of violence that is common to most Northeastern states, the band have driven this anger into vernacular lyrics put to old school metal music.

“The sound template we are working with is more folk-based while retaining the old-school SOR touch. Along with that, there will be a slight touch modern metal,” informs Avi.

It does come as a shocker of a news as the band was already done with 4 tracks within this template. Could the members have found a middle path?

“I think he was disappointed with us. We don’t have any complaints or bad feelings for him. We would love to share the stage with him again. We are still the best of friends – more like brothers, but somehow it didn’t work out as a band mate,” shares Avi, the disappointment in his voice shows up.

Having released a hugely popular debut album in Xongram, the next album was widely expected to catapult the band into proper national recognition. Now with Vedant’s departure, fans have been cynical of SOR’s rise. Many have openly questioned the band’s existence to be at stake, a claim Avi is quick to vehemently dismiss.

“I know it is a tough spot for the band but the fans believe in us and support us through this hard time. Also, a band is not about one person; it’s a collective effort of many individuals. I am disappointed that people don’t understand that at all. If our fans keep their faith in us, we promise a cracker of an album. Take my word for it. It is time for all SORians to unite as a family and stay strong! Times are getting exciting,” he signs off on an optimistic note.


Owing to Vedant’s departure, the band has recruited Biswajit Gogoi (soundcloud.com/the-chromatix/psychic-level) of The Chromatix who, Abhijit says, will join the band full-time. The band is set to release their first single under the new sound regime on the 22th of July. The album, which is in works, will be next to come. There is no time to linger on the past, the band makes that amply clear. Having heard what I have heard, they have a good point too.

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