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Going over the incident that took place last Thursday wouldn’t serve any purpose. Everyone has done that. But the question that piques is: How does one draw a direct connect between creatiivty and drug abuse and also to anti-social behaviour?

How does the stereotyping of  a person on the basis of their clothes, hair-do, body modifications such as piercings or tattoos make them a drug user?

What happened on Thursday was an acute case of stereotyping. 4 friends had gone to shoot for a documentary and ending up broken, bruised and battered, with an alleged truckful of marijuana in their posession.

When the truth of their innocence came out, people (sprearheaded by the music fraternity) took to the streets in protest. The cry was to bring the criminals to justice and stop this abject inane stereotyping. Tuesday saw another protest, albeit this was a silent one. With the authorities yet to react in an exemplary manner, the demands still remain.

What’s done has been done and cannot be undone. But, instead of sitting around blaming the authorities, we should make people aware of what actually happened. Justice for these 4 innocent lads is a must. We must aim to secure swift justice, after all justice delayed is justice denied, said DJ Brahmin, who has been one of the frontrunners of the peaceful protest movement.

The placards that they held aloft seemed to convey a strong message.

“Just because we are creative people and we don’t have a conventional way of dressing doesn’t mean we are anti-social elements. The mentality needs to change. Rock music doesn’t destroy people’s lives, people who play rock music or are associated with the music scene are not necessarily drug addicts,” opined veteran music promoter of the region, David Koch. David has been involved with the cause since day 1.

This motely crew of musicians, music lovers, artistes and creative minded people plan to take over Sharanddhanjali Kanan on Saturday where these will use music as a form of protest against these atrocities. They also hope that people will broaden their perception because some great soul once said that life without music would be a great mistake.

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