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All Aboard the ‘Musical’ Train

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If you looking to discover new music that will soothe your soul then you should definitely listen to ‘The Local Train’ a Hindi alternative/pop rock band from New Delhi. The band burst onto the scene with a bang when their ‘Choo Lo’ became an instant hit, thanks to the soul-stirring lyrics. The line-up includes Raman Negi (Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Paras Thakur (Lead Guitars), Ramit Mehra (Bass Guitars) and Sahil Sarin (Drums/Percussions). It is safe to say that if the band continues to make great music like they are doing now, it won’t be long before they go from national to international. This weekend, they are coming out with the official video of ‘Aaoge Tum Kabhi’; the teaser of the song already has more than 12000 views on Youtube. Jadeed Hussain in conversation with the band on the eve of the release of their video….

Tell us about how the band was formed

The Local Train accidentally came into being in 2009 when a track we put up on Myspace went viral. The song ‘Choo Lo’ became our biggest hit till date. Word of mouth marketing got us shows and those shows got us more shows! So we played a lot of college fests and that’s how we are where we are today.

Describe your music and what do you like to write about?

Oh, we write about everything. Music is an art form that let us express whatever comes to our heads. We love to love; so, we write about all kinds of love. That’s where ‘Choo Lo’ comes from. Then, as we mature (ever so slowly) the sound of the band changes with us and we’re finally ready with our new single ‘Aaoge Tum Kabhi’. It’s a bittersweet song about longing and conflicting emotions you feel. We actually have an album ready which we will release as single releases throughout this year in which we talk about everything from love to politics to Paras’ girlfriend who cheated on him. (You know who you are.)

‘Aaoge Tum Kabhi’ – what is the single about and what can people expect from it

It is a song everybody has heard because we have been playing it across the country. In fact, the video has footage of the band playing shows across the country and is shot in 7 different cities and 5 different states. We are an independent band and handle everything ourselves, we ran into some issues at the production stage but finally it’s here! It’s a video unlike anything that’s happened in the indie scene in this country before. We are expecting people to be part of our marketing team! If you guys like our music and our video, please share and let people know about ‘Aaoge Tum Kabhi’! You guys are all we have to help spread the word around!!

Are you guys planning to come up with a full-fledged album?

Definitely yes!! In fact, we’re working with none other than Ashish Manchanda, the producer responsible for the sound design of Coke Studio, MTV Unplugged, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Dev D and countless others. He’s the one behind Indie band Avial’s path breaking debut album. We got in touch with him when he was in Delhi; actually, we stalked him and were able to meet him for barely 5 minutes. One thing led to another, he liked our stuff and for 6 months we were locked up in a studio in Mumbai being reminded that we need to become better musicians. This is the first single to come out of that exercise! The album has 8 tracks and we will be talking to you guys at Vibes NE very soon about it in the coming months!!

Watch teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsIhJSmB3Rc

The Local Train

Extra! Getting to know the band members

Raman Negi is the songwriter and since he won’t let anyone else sing his songs, he’s also the vocalist.  He was a software engineer and worked for 6 years with an MNC before deciding he’s probably more of an asset to the company if he resigns. He’s old but refuses to believe it and continues to hit on girls who call him ‘uncle’.

Paras Thakur is again an almost engineer dropping out in first year from a prestigious engineering college in the north. He went on to become the youngest Indian to get selected to Musician’s Institute LA but like we mentioned, he doesn’t like colleges. He is young and really cute; in his third show, he got mobbed by girls from Lady Hardinge Medical College and we all would’ve done what he did.

Ramit Mehra is the manager of the band. As a cost cutting measure, he is also playing bass for the band. Having dropped out of college and having tried his hand at everything from working as an RJ, writing for magazines, then as a playwright and conducting theatre workshops for kids, let’s just say he finally found his groove.

Sahil Sarin is the drummer and the child prodigy you’ve all heard of. At a young age of 5, he knew he wanted to play the drums for the rest of his life and nothing else. Since then not a lot has changed except he has lost the mohawk and will soon gain the ability to be tighter than a metronome. He was known in the circuit as the Da Kidd and even before he could grow a full beard, had worked under the likes of Steve Smith, Greg Bissonette, Wolfgang Haffner and other names that might make you jealous.

Listen: http://www.reverbnation.com/thelocaltrain

Photo Courtesy: The Local Train

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