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Rhyming All The Way

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Dubbed as one of the youngest rappers/hip hop artistes in India, Rhymez Disguised & Doak Seventeen, who have had their music featured on Vh1 and MTV, are now emerging as one of the most sought after hip hop artists in town. Not confining themselves to the four walls of their studio, these youngsters have displayed their talents all over the country and even overseas. ‘Music is like a magic spell. It can turn a stranger into a best buddy, and best friends into enemies. We think and consider music as a part of our body. We are incomplete without it. Music makes us laugh, sometimes cry too. It is also like an evergreen fashion statement which will never get old. People say nothing lasts forever but we strongly believe that music lasts forever’, reveals Rhymez Disguised and Doak Seventeen.

These two young rappers from Nagaland, who have lately been regarded as a ‘savior’ among the rap nerds of the state and perhaps, the best rappers ever to come out of the place, were childhood friends and classmates. They composed poems and love-quotations, wrote short stories, made sketches and explored every possible dream. But it was music which finally clicked. Even before they realized, they were addicted to hip-hop/rap music and thus planned to form a crew. Soon they were writing their own lyrics and making music. Finally on the 5th of September, 2011, Still Rhyming was born. They put together their first mix tape titled ‘Shooting Star’ and released it on November 17, the very same year.

It did not take much time for this duo to make a mark in the national music scene. Their first official music video titled ‘Give Peace a Chance’ earned universal acclaim and was seen by millions when it aired on ‘Vh1 Hit Factory’. It won the ‘Best Music Video Award’ at The Annual Music Awards of Nagaland. The song also got nominated for International Song for Peace Competition. The duo has also been featured by ‘Emerging Indie Bands’, a website run, managed and owned by Tim Whale, from London, UK. They have performed at Northeast Agri Expo, Miss Dimapur 2012, Hornbill Kids Carnival (Hornbill Festival), Hornbill Bamboo Carnival, Pre-Christmas Open Air Concert, Jumping Bean Café, Music Awards of Nagaland and many other gigs and parties.

Apart from hip-hop, they also like to experiment with different genres like, punk rock, urban pop, etc. They rap and sing about their raw feelings and emotions, social issues, love, struggles and about everything they face in their day to day lives. Sometimes they pull out their diary and pen down a handful of verses that come to their mind, collect the words by day and frame them together at night, turning them into new lyrics.

At present, Still Rhyming is working on their upcoming album titled ‘Installation Complete’. They recently released their official song titled, ‘Wake Up! (Before it’s too late)’. Already, the sensation of Northeast, Still Rhyming has set a new goal. The approach is the same, but now exponentially more ambitious. Beneath the banter and joviality of these two young lads, we sense seriousness, almost a grown-up intention of making our country, a better one, which is why they wrote, ‘Give Peace a Chance’. As more and more rap artists are making their way into the music world, the pressure has gone up another notch, the crew have cinched a little tighter while trying to shield themselves from all the distractions, in order to prove themselves once again. Still Rhyming is now all set to lock horns with other artists to make it to the top.

Words: Parishmita Baruah

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