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Ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Sanchal, Aditya and Nikhil of Delhi-based band Superfuzz are coming to the Northeast to perform at this year’s Ziro Festival of Music. Their distinct flavor of rock and roll will definitely spice things up in Arunachal Pradesh. Jadeed Hussain in conversation with the band to know more about their music and expectations from the Northeast.

Tell us a little about the band, when and how it was formed?

We love rock ‘n’ roll, straight up. We want to make ourselves and people sing and dance, and that is what the band is about. We came together in 2005, as the current lineup but we had a break in 2008, and now we are back again together, raring to go.

How will you describe your music?

The band’s sound is pop music set in a punk, new wave mould, relying on Sabbath style fat guitar riffs, and Beatlesque melodies. We will make you groove and shake, loose all your inhibitions and sell your soul to rock ‘n’ roll. You get the point!

Your video ‘4 Times & Once After’ got warm reception from people, were you confident from the start that it will be a hit?

We knew people will like the song but we didn’t know if the video will be well received or not. The concept for the video was put together by Babblefish in Mumbai and we were taken to a room and given suits to wear. So, we didn’t really know how it would come off beforehand, but as the years have passed on, that video seems to be one of the good things we did manage to realize, out of due coercion from our management, from the old days, and it seems to have had a connection with the fans, so we think it turned out quite well eventually.

You will be performing at this year’s ‘Zero Festival of Music’. How did you come to know about this festival?

The artists organizing the festival are our friends and they called us to play there. We have heard a lot of about Ziro and we are looking forward to 4 days of Rock and Roll.

Will this be your first performance in this part of the country? What are your expectations from the Northeast?

Yes, it will be our maiden performance in the Northeast. High energy, rock and roll and fuzz. All we’re expecting, or have come to expect, is no inhibition and some dancing. See ya!

Photo Courtesy: Superfuzz

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