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Straight From the Northeast

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‘Welcome To The Northeast’ is a new hip-hop video currently doing rounds in all the popular social networking sites. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, the song is about the Northeast states and its people. Jadeed Hussain caught up with the guys behind the song – The Konflated Poets, to know more about the song, the success of the video and their plans for the future.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

The Konflated Poets consists of two rappers – Denil Mayr & Rick-Skillz. Before, we were working together as a crew named ‘FRESH CASH’. During that time, we recorded and dropped a few demo tracks which helped us gain experience in the field of hip-hop. We also managed to be part of a few small gigs. In early 2014, we decided to come up with a new way to spread our thoughts and messages lyrically and that’s how we formed ‘The Konflated Poets’. The name symbolizes the combination of both of our ideas and thoughts which fuses and takes shape as a song.

‘Welcome To Northeast’ has become quite popular, did you know from the start that it would connect with your fans?

First of all, we would like to thank our fans who supported us because without them it wouldn’t be possible. Actually, we never thought about popularity, we made this song just to spread a simple message to the other parts of India, with a hope that it will help them understand more about our region. This was also a way to show our love towards the Northeast.

Tell us how the idea of the video evolved and what were the challenges?

People from the Northeast residing in various parts of India are facing racist attacks and discrimination just because we look different. People know very little about us as individuals from this region do not have access to proper platforms to showcase out talents. So, we thought that sharing more about the beauty of this region, history and cultures will help them understand us better and that’s how the idea was evolved.

There are very few hip-hop artists in India. Why do you think that is?

Such a good question, we are lucky that we are getting a chance to share our thoughts about hip-hop culture. In our country, hip-hop genre is less in the limelight as compared to other genres but the culture is slowly spreading across the country. Some legends of the hip-hop scene are Apache Indian, Brodha V, Borkung Hrangkhawl, Blaaze etc. Currently there are many up-and-coming artists who are looking for a chance to come up and we are one of them. But to put more focus on hip-hop and hip-hop artists, we need more hip-hop shows and TV promotion. If that happens, Indian hip-hop artists will start to rule the charts because we have a lot of potential.

Currently, you are working on your next single ‘Ink & Words’. Tell us a little about what the song is about and what people can expect. 

This upcoming single is about all the troubles and hurdles we have faced, all the good times and the bad times we have had since we started working together as a crew. Through this single, we want to inspire people who are still struggling in their professional fields. The song talks about the importance in believing in oneself and working hard because this road will ultimately lead to success.

Any plans for a full-fledged album?

Yes, we are planning to drop our debut EP by next year which would include 6-8 songs including ‘Welcome To The North East’ and the next upcoming singles.

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