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The Eastern Soul Players Saga

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Hailing from Jorhat, Eastern Soul Players dabbles in the folk rock genre. The band was formed in 2010 and comprises of six members namely Rintu, Ankur, Henjoy, Akhil, Moonmoon and Somiran. The band has spent a lot of time experimenting with the folk rock genre and their lyrics mainly deal in mythology, spiritualism, philosophy and the like. Some of their original compositions include ‘Jotadhari’, ‘Kuji Baai’, ‘Pita Putro’ etc.

Tell us a little about the band and the band members?

ESP is a six member band with seasoned musicians in their late twenties and early thirties. The band members have played across different venues in the state for over a decade now. The band had participated in a music competition called ‘Pulse’ organized by Rang channel way back in 2010. The tremendous response that we got for our music in the competition led us to forming the band. The line-up has changed slightly over the years; the present line-up includes Rintu (Vocals), Ankur (Lead Guitar), Henjoy (Bass Guitar), Akhil (Drums), Moonmoon (Latin Percussion) and Somiran (Folk Percussion & Lyrics). The band is managed by Ranjan Steven Duarah.

Tell us about your latest video ‘Jotadhari

Jotadhari is our first single that we had released in video format. It is our most devotional number to date. As the name suggests, ‘Jotadhari’ is all about Lord Shiva. The divine power, God of gods, the destroyer of evil and yet so calm and composed. We have tried to showcase Lord Shiva’s life in his abode, the famed Mount Kailash. His lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and all the myths surrounding it.

We are overwhelmed by the likes, appreciation and support from the viewers. Jotadhari, being our first release in video format is just like a dream come true for us.

Your band deals with the folk rock genre. Can you share with us about how and what got you interested in this particular genre?

The folk rock genre is very vast and has great depth. We have tried experimenting with this genre in every way by blending different kinds of folk music. What attracted us to this genre was its colour and versatility. Folk music has a very prominent place in our Assamese culture so maybe that is another reason for our inclination towards this genre.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in the Northeast, especially regarding the folk rock genre?

This is a land of music and the people are deeply connected to it. Many musicians and artists from the Northeast and Assam are doing great work in the music arena. However the essence of music is getting lost amidst the lure of quick publicity and profits. So we firmly believe that we should work hard together to make the Northeast a better platform for musicians so that we can leave a legacy of good music for generations to come.

You are working on your new video ‘Kaziranga’. Do you have plans to release a full-length album anytime soon?

Well, for a long time we wanted to make music on Kaziranga and it turned out to be our destiny when we were offered to compose a track on Kaziranga by Himanshu and his team ‘Believe Us’  for their upcoming musical event at Kaziranga called ‘Kaziranga Utsav’.  The track will be the theme song of that particular event. It is very close to our heart and we hope that people will accept this video with their love and warmth. We are working hard on a full-length album. Fans will have to wait a little longer on the album so that we can rise up to their expectations.

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As told to Payel Bhattacharjee

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