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Songs by Papon You Must Listen To

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He has one of the most interesting voices in India and so it is no wonder that he has fans all across the country. From folk numbers to Bollywood tracks, he has many songs to his name; we take a look at some of the best songs that truly showcase his amazing voice. Girls, get ready to swoon!

Mon Mur


A touching and heartfelt song that probably made every Assamese girl’s heart skip a beat when listening to it for the first time. The song truly captured the soothing and mesmerising quality that his voice has and turned many listeners into instant fans.



He is known for his folk fusion and this is a great example of that. To be able to keep the folk elements intact and even then making it sound modern and peppy for new age music lovers is a tough job but he makes it seem easy.

Boitha Maaro


This is another great folk-fusion track that has such a peppy and feel-good vibe that you cannot help but groove to the beat. We especially like this version because you can get a feel of the amazing stage presence he has.

(PS: He is a delight to watch live so don’t miss out next time he performs in your city)

Maula Sun Le Re


This is one song that is bound to give you goosebumps, and we have to say that there couldn’t have been anyone else who would have done full justice to the song other than Papon.



Yes, the movie was a big hit but let us not forget the amazing music which added to the whole experience. This song in particular is a beautiful happy song that brings a smile to your lips even on days when you find yourself feeling blue.

Jiyein Kyun


An extremely soulful and romantic song, and at this point we feel we have to point out to all the girls out there ready to stalk him to the ends of the earth, unfortunately he is taken ladies! But remember you can always be a fan, so keep listening!


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