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BoDo’s Bliss

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Rahul Boro, also known as BoDo from Guwahati, has been associated with Electronic Dance Industry for almost 10 years now. He has both the skills of a remixer and a music producer. In 2009, he collaborated with DJ Brahmin and started Gurukul of Audio Grammar (GAG). VNe talks to him about his brand new EP.

How did you get into music? What is your music about?

I was basically dealing with issues in life and music was only thing that gave me solace and joy, since then it’s been a never ending journey of my life. My music is about how I feel and how I want to express myself. I love all kinds of music, I produce electronic music because I like to create my own sounds with complex melody, unrelated chromatic chords with underlying complex sequences, and a soul, ambient or lounge vibe of my style.

Tell us a little about your EP

Well, Bliss is my 2nd official EP with my label GAG Digital Records. I have released a lot of singles and EPs worldwide since 2011 via other Digital Record Labels I was signed with. I also have an Exclusive Beatport single release, which hit stores on 14th of Feb, 2016.

Bliss is all about melody, rhythm and a whole lot of feeling. There are 3 tracks in this EP and they are Spienato Original Mix, Deep Ambition Original Mix and Distant Original Mix

Are you planning to perform anytime soon in Guwahati to reach out to your fans?

I have always performed as an underground artist and I love it that way, because gigs like those always have the right kind of audience for me, who truly support Dance Music Artists. I am also a part of an Electronic Dance Music Act called FLyPSND and we are looking forward to tour real soon.

Any plans for a full fledged album in the near future?

Not yet, but you never know. When the time is right, it’ll be up there.

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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