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The Kiratas – Bringing Back Bodo Folk

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The Kiratas’ a folk rock Bodo band is trying to revive Bodo indigenous instruments and Bodo folk. The band consists of Abhishek Boro (Guitar and Bass), Himangshu Rava (Guitar and Programming) and Trigunesh Narzary (Vocals, Guitar and Keys). They also work with guest artist Rajen Brahma on Serja, Sifung and Kham which are all traditional Bodo musical instruments. They recently released a love ballad which was well-received by music lovers of the region. VNe speaks to the band to find out more –

What does ‘The Kiratas’ mean?

‘Kiratas’ generically encompasses all indigenous people of the Himalayan range from the Mongoloid stock. We chose the name as we sing in Bodo which is a Tibeto-Burman language and we are all of Mongoloid origin.

Rajen Brahma
Rajen Brahma

What made you want to play ‘Folk Rock Bodo’? How did the idea of using indigenous instruments come up?

The Kiratas was formed in the year 2015 to create Bodo contemporary music infusing traditional folk elements. Bodo indigenous instruments are on the brink of extinction. We will probably be the last generation to get to see someone play a Serja, Sifung or Kham unless we take steps to popularize the same amongst the younger generation.

More importantly, it was the eclectic sound and emotionally pristine depth in those largely unheard instruments which made us form ‘The Kiratas’ and create Bodo music.

The core idea has been to reinvent and revive rich Bodo folk music which unfortunately seems to be confined to remote villages and occasional festivals.

What are your songs about?

We do not base our songs on one certain idea. The lyrics speak of different topics. Musically, we just intend to present a celebration of the vibrant and colourful flavours of rustic Bodo folk music.

Tell us a little about your love ballad ‘Hasthayw awng oray’. What are you working on next?

‘Hasthayw awng oray’ is a love ballad which means ‘I wish for you always’. We will be shooting a video for ‘Hasthayw awng oray’ and we are hitting Broadway Studios of Kokrajhar for our next album.

We would like to give special thanks to Mrs Sumati Narzary, Dr Indira Boro Narzary and Mr Dwithun Wary for the lyrics and Vibes Northeast for the interview. Cheers!

As told to Jadeed Hussain 



  1. I am very glad to see this website depicting canvass of music bands from North East India. It is certainly a giant step and can play a pioneering role in the integration of NER with mainland. I could not find any video though. If some link of the bands to see their video is given then that would give window to know about the artists better which can further the actions of this website,

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