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Dossers Urge

Young and High Spirited

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The word ‘dosser’ can refer to an idle person or someone who whiles away his/her time sleeping and although the three brothers David Kom (guitars/vocals) Gideon Kom (drums/vocals) and Romeo (bass/vocals) from Shillong-band Dossers Urge claim they love to sleep, they also have a strong desire to make music and hence the name. The band formed around 2007; they have participated in many local shows, freshers’ meets, and competitions which eventually helped them to become the band they are today. The boys have also performed at Bacardi Nh7 Weekender and Ziro Festival of Music, and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to reach out to a bigger audience.

Recently, they won the regional rounds of the second season of Road To Converse Rubber Tracks held in Guwahati, and advanced to the final round which was held in Mumbai on 1st April. In the final round, they competed against four talented bands from across India to earn the winner’s title. It is interesting to note that they got inspired to take part in the competition after watching F16s, the winners of the first season, perform live at Hornbill Festival in Nagaland.

Now, as part of the grand prize, the band will now be flying to Brooklyn, New York to record their songs at a Converse Studio, all expenses paid by Converse Rubber Tracks. We speak to band to know more about their win –

How was the experience competing at the Road To Converse Rubber Tracks?

As we shared the stage with the finest acts across the country, each finalist was equally good in their own unique way and we had a lot of fun.

What are you looking forward to at the Converse Studio in Brooklyn?

In New York, we will record our songs in a world class studio. This is every artist’s dream; also we will have access to various equipments. Plus, we will get to check out international bands. We are excited because there is so much to learn!

What advice would you give to beginners who want to pursue this career?

We would like to tell them to do it only when you are really passionate about music. Express yourselves, and pursue music with goals and plans to sustain oneself in the long term.

What is a typical day/week for the three of you?

We love to hang out with friends, compose music, jam and hold as many practice sessions as we can.

What do you like the most/least about the Northeast?

We absolutely love the response we get from the crowd whenever we play. When we see people are happy and grooving with us, especially the youth, it sends out positive vibes and that is what Northeast is all about.  And there is nothing that we dislike about the Northeast in particular. It is a beautiful place.

What attributes are most important to being successful?

Keep working hard, stay original and challenge yourself to do more because perseverance is important in life.

Describe the band’s fashion sense

We like to infuse old school styling with modern fresh looks. Comfort is key!

Explain your sound in five words

Loud, Heavy, Psychedelic, Modern and Trippy

What keeps you motivated?

We have always been inspired by Gospel Music. We like to perform in churches and also western music deeply motivates us to make music. Other than that, our friends, family members and our audience support us endlessly.

Photo Courtesy: Dossers Urge

As told to Rudy Marak

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  1. Im Proud of them, hope young people of meghalaya get inspire n enthusiastic to learn more about music from them……
    May God bless u all…..

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