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Uddipan Sarmah

Uddipan’s Search

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Uddipan Sarmah has his roots in Assam, his heart in Bangalore and his passion in Gujarat. He was born and raised in Sivasagar but moved to Ahmedabad because his father was posted there. Later, he did his engineering at Bangalore and joined the corporate world but like they say, you can’t keep an artist away from his/her art for too long, and so he went back to Ahmedabad where he created Blue Tree Studios and formed a project band called ‘aswekeepsearching’.

What got you interested in music?

My dad used to sing and my sister used to join him on duets. Looking at them jamming together did build a curiosity in me to listen to more music, but I never thought that it would become my career one day. It was a hobby before and then I got more involved and with time it turned into a job.

Tell us about your journey so far

Nothing glamorous! Things happened late for me. I just try to work hard and keep with the pace. Frankly, I am still learning a lot of things. I feel like I took some right decisions at the right time. Constant support from my family and friends has kept me going.

Tell us about ‘aswekeepsearching’?

Oh, AWKS has been an amazing ride. Starting it as a studio project to being a full-fledged live band, the journey was wonderful. I am so glad to meet these 3 guys, who are so hard working and focused.

aswekeepsearching band
Uddipan is the vocalist of ‘aswekeepsearching’ band

How did ‘Blue Tree’ start?

I started BlueTree as ‘Studio’ where I produce music for local artists and run music classes in Ahmedabad. Mostly, I keep myself busy with my band and other events. Recently I decided to rebrand my firm and name it as BlueTree. I want to focus more on doing tours and events with other artists across the country. I am working on some plans and you can follow my page for updates.

What’s next for Uddipan Sarmah now, an album or EP with the band?

BlueTree, ‘aswekeepsearching’ and lots of travelling! New music with the band is in the making. Let’s see how it all shapes up. I am also working on my solo album which should come out this year.

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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