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Kroashia Set to Release LP

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Kroashia comprises of Sarah on vocals, David and MP on guitars, Zama on bass and Ngaihtea on drums. One of Mizoram’s much loved band, Kroashia dabbles in rock and roll, punk, alternative rock and grunge rock. They are planning to release their much anticipated LP ‘Sekibuhchhuak’ which is named after a mizo story related to the horn of a mithun i.e. a gayal. We spoke to the band to find out what fans can expect –

What is story behind the name?

Our very first performance as a band was back in 2010. Then we had a crappy band name so we decided to look in the dictionary for a new one. For some reason, we couldn’t agree on any name. One of us turned to the last page where there was a map of Europe. Then we finally agreed on ‘KroaShia’ (taken from Croatia) since it sounded the coolest. Some of us still think it is crappy.

What does ‘Sekibuhchhuak’ mean?

Our EP was all in English (except for ‘Lam ang let’), and since we have always wanted to do something more traditional or culturally rooted, we decided to make our latest LP in Mizo(our local language). We are all big followers of other Asian bands like One Ok Rock, Scandal, Sweet Mullet, Fuji Fabric to name a few, whose music even though refreshing still has a deep connection with their cultural heritage and so we asked ourselves, ‘What could go wrong?’. That’s how the term ‘Sekibuhchhuak’ for the title came about. The meaning is related to a story – a legendary mizo guy was given the horn of a mithun which could pour out anything he desired, and since our first LP is going to have songs which we hope will meet diverse tastes. So, it is going to be like our own ‘Sekibuhchhuak’.

*Literally ‘Seki’ is the horn, ‘buhchhuak’ refers to its capability to pour out anything.

What are the songs about?

Most of the songs will be like stories drawn from each of our own experiences. Some will be motivational tracks, a few will have a celebratory or home coming feel. Tracks like ‘Birthday lawman hla’ and ‘Ka lawm e’ are already up on YouTube.

When will be the LP out?

So, far we haven’t set the exact date for release. All will be physical copies and fans can checkout our page on Facebook to preorder the LP. We would like to distribute to other states as well but so far, we haven’t had any tie ups with anybody for distribution.

Any music videos for the LP?

We have 3 official videos up on YouTube so far, 2 of them are from the new LP. We are planning to do many more, so stay tuned and keep in touch with us on Facebook. Cheers!

As told to Jadeed Hussain 

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